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Public Review of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

Check out the public review of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, starring Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Shraddha Kapoor tags: anupamgoriimrankapoorkareenakhankher

Anil Kapoor Punches an Inspector (Deewana Mastana)

Anil Kapoor is at the telephone booth. He punched an inspector. Johnny Lever comes with the police.

The Rowdie Leader says sorry to Juhi Chawala (Deewana Mastana)

Goons at Juhi Chawla's place. Goons apologize Juhi Chawla for teasing her at the disco. Govinda takes away all the credit.

Anil Kapoor Thrashes & Beats all the Rowdies severely (Deewana Mastana)

Anil Kapoor smashes and thrashes all the rowdies very severely gives them a warning.

Anil Kapoor Proposes to Juhi Chawla (Deewana Mastana)

Anil Kapoor tells the truth to Juhi Chawla that Johnny Lever is not mad , he is madly in love with her since the day he first saw her at ...

Anil Kapoor gets to know Govinda's Weakness (Deewana Mastana)

Govinda having lunch at Juhi Chawla's place. Anil Kapoor lights a lighter suddenly Govinda gets scared at that time Anil Kapoor comes to ...

Anil Kapoor meets with a Fatal Accident (Deewana Mastana)

Anil Kapoor meets with a fatal accident because of Govinda.

Anil Kapoor gets Thrilled Seeing Juhi Chawla Swimming (Deewana Mastana)

Johnny Lever Anil Kapoor are in the hotel. Johnny Lever enjoying at the pool side. Anil Kapoor is thrilled to see Juhi Chawla swimming.

Anil Kapoor and his Competitor Govinda at Juhi Chawla's Place (Deewana Mastana)

Anil Kapoor and his competitor Govinda at Juhi Chawla's place. Anil Kapoor comes to know that Govinda is Juhi Chawla's patient. He realizes ...

Anil Kapoor takes Johnny Lever as a Patient to Dr Juhi Chawla's Clinic (Deewana Mastana)

Anil Kapoor takes Johnny Lever as a patient to Juhi Chawla's clinic for treatment. He impresses Juhi Chawla and ask her for coffee.