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Antibiotic compounds from insects | Tomorrow Today

An increasing number of antibiotics is proving less effective and developing new drugs is not lucrative for the pharmaceuticals industry. ...

The fight against antibiotic resistance

With antibiotic resistant infections on the rise, the CDC and 25 other health organizations are teaming up to try to get the problem under ...

New Antibiotic Discovered in Ocean Bacteria

A new kind of antibiotic compound has been discovered in microorganisms living in the ocean off the California coast. A new kind of ... tags: antibioticbacteriainoceansea

Novartis Gets FDA Approval for New Antibiotic; Medtronic Reduces Water and Energy Use; World Spa ...

Novartis has received approval for its new powdered formulation for an inhaled cystic fibrosis therapy. The inhaled antibiotic was ... tags: 3blAntibioticAsiaBangkokCysticMedia

Avoiding Amputation: Repairing Infected Bones

We have 206 bones in our bodies and when an infection strikes, they can be in big trouble Now, one doctor is finding ways to heal bones ... tags: antibioticboneinfection

How To: Eye Stye Treatment

In this video from Videojug, Dr. Ellie Cannon, a GP and Health Writer is describing about eye stye treatment. She has explained about the ... tags: antibioticCompressdropsEyeHealthStyeTreatment

How To Get Rid Of Blisters

Blisters are painful but can be prevented or treated if needed. Dr. Drysdale talks here about how to prevent blisters and how to treat a ... tags: adviceantibioticantisepticblisterblistersmedicalointment

How to Cope with Vaginitis

Sooner or later, most women have some kind of vaginal infection, known as vaginitis. Dr. Jennifer Wu, an OB/GYN with Lenox Hill Hospital in ... tags: antibioticbacteriumdiseasedouchinggynecologypreventingsexually

Pneumonia: The Silent Killer

As India suffers the shame of having the highest death rate due to pneumonia, even among children below the age of five, the killer disease ... tags: antibioticchildrensdiseasehealthpneumoniapreventionsickness

The threat of antibiotic resistance

Retired teacher Lill-Karin Skaret counts herself lucky, after having a close call with a bacterium resistant to many antibiotics. The ... tags: antibioticeuronewsEuropeHealthresistancescienceThe

H7N9 bird flu ruffles KFC feathers in China

04/11/13 Yum Brands, the parent company of KFC restaurants is feeling the peck of the new bird flu strain in China. tags: antibioticbellchickenconfidenceHealthkfcmarket

Chief Medical Officer: Antibiotic resistance 'time-bomb'

Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies says we are seeing a major increase in a number of bugs infecting the blood and leading ... tags: antibioticblooddepartmentdrugsforhealthhospital