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Anti Smoking Videos by Popular

Zombies warn Londoners of dangers of smoking

Up to 30 actors wearing Halloween-style masks, representing the damaging effects caused by smoking, approached members of the public in ...

Anti-Smoking Advocate, Terrie Hall, Dies at 53

Terrie Hall, best known for her CDC ads in the graphic anti-smoking campaign, died on Monday of cancer at age 53.

Cut-Price Cigarettes Prompt Health Fears in Senegal

In contrast to much of the rest of the world, cigarette companies in Senegal are free to reduce prices at a moment's notice. US firm Philip ... tags: anti-smokingcigaretteeconomyemergingmarketingmorrisnicotine

Portland police issue first smoking ban citation

Portland police say they are serious about enforcing the new city ordinance which bans smoking in public places, including parks. tags: anti-smokingbancontrollawsparkspoliciesPortland

China Stubs Out Public Smoking

The air in this Beijing restaurant is less hazy than usual. That's because on China has officially banned smoking in all indoor public ... tags: anti-smokingbanChinaCigarettezindustryNosmoking

China's New Smoking Ban

China's new smoking ban's success, officials said, relies on how strictly governmental officials plan to enforce it.Powered by ... tags: anti-smokingbanChinaHabitsindustryNosmoking

Canada to Require Larger, More Graphic Tobacco Labels

The Canadian federal government has introduced new rules forcing tobacco companies to include larger and more graphic anti-smoking warning ... tags: anti-smokingCanadacigarettehealthlabellabelsminister

Joe Jackson Against Smoking Bans

1980s song-smith and post-punk icon Joe Jackson sounds off on smoking bans and his next musical projects.Powered by Producer ... tags: anti-smokingbancigarettehandlawssecondsmoke

What do Big Tobacco's Products Kill More Than...?

New entertainment integrations and social media initiatives move the ugly truth campaign into a new phase this month, further seeding ... tags: anti-smokingcigarettesconsumerhealthpreventionsmokingteens

Chanting Lighter

In India, 'Raam Naam Satya Hai' is chanted when a dead body is carriedto the funeral pyre. This chant is synonymous with death. So we ... tags: anti_smokingbad_habitsbad_healthblood_cancercancercancer_cureChant