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Iran: Teheran lässt Anti-US-Plakate abhängen

Mitten in die Annherung zwischen dem Iran und den USA mischten sich pltzlich professionelle anti-amerikanische Plakate auf Teherans Straen. ...

"Gangnam Style" rapper apologizes for anti-U.S. protests

The South Korean rapper, Psy -- famous for his 'Gangnam Style' music video -- apologized to Americans for taking part in concerts, in 2004, ...

Argentineans hold anti-US rally

The sky heavily overcast and rain threatening to pour in Buenos Aires couldnt stop Argentineans to join the worldwide campaign 'Freedom ...

Anti-US film protests spread to Yemen

The American embassy in Sanaa is the latest outpost of Washington's to come under attack from Islamic extremists outraged by a blasphemous ... tags: Anti-USDemonstrationeuronewsfilmprotestsspreadYemen

Anti-US clashes continue in Cairo

Anti-US protests sparked by a film which was made in the United States and which mocks the Prophet Muhammad continued in Cairo on ... tags: Anti-USCairoclashescontinueDemonstrationeuronewsUSA

Anti-US protests hurt Romney's White House bid

The anti-American protests breaking out across the Muslim world have catapulted the focus of the US presidential campaign away from the ... tags: Anti-USbideuronewsHousehurtPoliticsprotests

Anti-US protests hit cinemas across Pakistan

Anti-US drive is on the extreme in Pakistan as angered protestors have called in a complete ban on all theaters and cinemas from screening ... tags: Anti-UScinemaPakistanprotest

Pakistanis hold anti-US rally

Anger on the streets of Pakistan against the continued US violation of the countrys sovereignty. tags: anti-USNATOPakistanrally

Families of missing Pakistanis stage sit-in

This is the price the ordinary Pakistanis are paying in the US-led so-called war on terror. tags: anti-UScourtmissingPakistansupremeterror

Pakistani anti-US protesters voice anger over Holy Quran burning

Pakistans largest politico-religious party, Jamaat-e-Islami, staged a protest over the burning the copies of the Holy Quran and other ... tags: Afghanistanangeranti-USburningofPakistanprotest

Florida Church's Plans for 9/11 Cause Outrage

Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. general and NATO commander in Afghanistan, has condemned plans by an American church to burn copies of ... tags: 911anti-usburningFloridaislamophobiaquransentiment