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1.4 Million-Year-Old Hand Bone 'Closes The Gap' In Human Hand Evolution

A 1.42 million-year-old metacarpal a bone of the hand belonging to Homo erectus was recently found in Kenya. This discovery adds ... tags: anthropologyarchaeologyevolutionevolutionary_biologyfossilhand_bonehomo_erectus

Why Do Men Have Bigger Noses Than Women?

Human noses come in all shapes and sizes, but on average, mens noses are 10 percent bigger than their female counterparts. tags: Anatomy_Differences_Men_WomenAnthropologyBiologyEvolutionHuman_OriginsMen_Have_Bigger_NosesNose_Size_Meaning

Video captures isolated indigenous Amazon tribe

A newly released video captures images of an indigenous tribe living in Brazil's Amazon jungle that is thought to have had very little ... tags: AnthropologyBrazilCapturesGlimpseInIndigenousIsolated

Boners 101 Ep 00001: Here's The Deal

Aaron and Johnny are two anthropology PhDs who have a book deal writing about human mating habits. What they don't have are social skills. ... tags: aaronacademiaanthropologycomedyjohnnykheifetsmating

Boners 101 Ep 00003: Japanophiles Will Break Your Heart

Johnny and Aaron observe their first successful date... ever.Johnny and Aaron are two anthropology PhDs who have a book deal writing about ... tags: aaronacademicanthropologycomedydatingkheifetsmating

Boners 101 Ep 00004: Inside the Actors Studio Apartment

Johnny and Aaron accidentally expose themselves to a group of actors.Johnny and Aaron are two anthropology PhDs who have a book deal ... tags: aaronacademiaanthonyanthropologydatingjohnnykheifets

Americans' Heads Literally Getting Larger

Americans' Heads Literally Getting Larger - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.On a day to day basis, most of us don't think about how ... tags: americananthropologyevolutionheadsnewsresearchsciences

The Making of Tarzan: Where Science and Art Collide

The Making of Tarzan Where Science and Art CollideCalifornia Academy of Sciences - California Academy of SciencesLearn how research on ... tags: AcademyAdrienneanthropologyaustralopithecusCaliforniachimpanzeegorilla

CT Scanners Bring Ancient Mummies to Life

CT scanners developed for the medical profession are now proving just as effective for anthropologists studying centuries-old mummies in ... tags: AnthropologistsAnthropologyarchaeologistsCTEgyptEgyptologyMummies

Argentina's top forensic experts_Reporters_FRANCE24 EN

After dictatorship, an American anthropologist formed a research team with young students to identify human remains. It is now one of the ... tags: anthropologyargentinacorpseexpertsforensicFranceidentity

Freckles: Evolutionary Advantage or 'Cancer Factories'?

Freckles Evolutionary Advantage or 'Cancer Factories'California Academy of Sciences - California Academy of SciencesThroughout the history ... tags: AcademyanthropologybiologyCaliforniaevolutionJablonskiNina