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Anissa Videos - 4 by Popular

Army of Stones: Kosovo barricades Serbs' only weapon

Serbs in Northern Kosovo say they'll take defensive action against any NATO attempts to clear their roadblocks near the border with Serbia. ... tags: AnissabarricadesFinoshinaKFORKosovoMariaNaouai

Western hugs with Gaddafi end with shot to head

Libya's chief forensic pathologist says an autopsy has confirmed that Moammar Gadhafi was killed by a shot to the head. NATO wraps up its ... tags: AnissaclintonDzhashiericgaddafihillarylavrov

Real-life Robinson Crusoe: Fight for life on desert island in icy seas

No food, no water and no cell phone to call for help - this was the uncomfortable reality for one would-be Robinson Crusoe. The man spent ... tags: AnissaCrusoeGanyushevIgorNaouaiOgorodnevrescuer

Gun glory in Libya, NTC cracks as Gaddafi buried

The body of Colonel Gaddafi has been finally buried after 5 days on public display inside a meat market fridge. The grave's location is ... tags: AnissaArcillacapturedGaddafiGadhafikilledmoammar

Libya Freedom Fun: Hangover to come?

Thousands of Libyans have taken to the streets to widely celebrate the end of the end of Colonel Gaddafi's rule, also marking the end of ... tags: AnissacapturedDzhashiGaddafiGadhafikilledMarina

On Balance: Cash outweighs [Greek] people?

Germany and France threatened to kick Greece out of the Eurozone and warned at this week's G20 meeting in Cannes, it won't get the next ... tags: AnissaCannesFranceG20GermanyGreeceGreek

Peer Pressure: 'Euro' Yes or No for Greece

Leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies are about to meet in France at a shaky time. The Eurozone is trembling after Greece's shocking ... tags: AngelaAnissaCannescrisisEuropeFranceG20

Bombtrack: Iran eyed for 'good ole' US policy

The UN nuclear watchdog is discussing Iran after delivering its harshest report yet, claiming Tehran could be developing an atomic bomb. It ... tags: AnissaCNNdebateIRANJohnMcCainMitt

Hijacked Revolt: Muslim Brothers win - pretext for NATO invasion

In Egypt the military leader has warned of grave consequences if the crisis doesn't end. That comes just a day before the country's first ... tags: AnissaCairoEgyptelectiongasNaouaiNATO

Same as old boss? New Egypt fails 'virginity test'

Egypt witnessed unprecedented scenes as millions turned out to vote for their future. But Tahrir protesters who boycotted the polls remain ... tags: AnissaCairoEgyptelectionslinesNaouaipolls

Islamist Muslim Brotherhood leads polls in Egypt

Egypt's Islamists claim they're leading the polls in the country's parliamentary election. The first poll of its kind in years there saw ... tags: AnissaCairoEgyptelectionslinesNaouaipolls

'Putin's party still the boss with under 50%' - press sec

A tense night is ahead for participants in Russia's parliamentary elections as vote counting gets underway. According to exit polls, the ... tags: AnissaDumaelectioninterviewNaouaiState