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Coffee Date

Labor Pains 2009 - Coffee Date - Nick Luke Kirby surprises Emma Lindsay Lohan at home and then takes her on a date in the park. tags: Aaron_YooAna_OrtizBonnie_SomervilleBridgit_MendlerBrunetteCheryl_HinesChrista_Campbell

Pop Goes the Baby

Labor Pains 2009 - Pop Goes the Baby - A fight between Jerry Chris Parnell and Nick Luke Kirby leads to Thea8217s Lindsay Lohan balloon ... tags: Aaron_YooAna_OrtizBonnie_SomervilleBridgit_MendlerBrunetteCheryl_HinesChrista_Campbell

Pregnant and Engaged

Labor Pains 2009 - Pregnant and Engaged - When the office learns about Thea8217s Lindsay Lohan pregnancy, the lie expands as co-worker Lisa ... tags: Aaron_YooAna_OrtizBonnie_SomervilleBridgit_MendlerBrunetteCheryl_HinesChrista_Campbell

I'm So Over This

Labor Pains 2009 - I'm So Over This - Thea Lindsay Lohan goes on the t.v. show The Vista hosted by Claire Janeane Garofalo to promote the ... tags: Aaron_YooAna_OrtizBonnie_SomervilleBridgit_MendlerBrunetteCheryl_HinesChrista_Campbell

Baby's Out of the Bag

Labor Pains 2009 - Baby's Out of the Bag - Thea Lindsay Lohan and Emma Bridgit Mendler have a sisterly cat fight, with Emma tearing up the ... tags: Aaron_YooAna_OrtizBonnie_SomervilleBridgit_MendlerBrunetteCheryl_HinesChrista_Campbell

Pregnancy Focus Group

Labor Pains 2009 - Pregnancy Focus Group - Thea Lindsay Lohan leads a pregnancy focus group and receives a surprise visit from her sister, ... tags: Aaron_YooAna_OrtizBonnie_SomervilleBridgit_MendlerBrunetteCheryl_HinesChrista_Campbell

Birthing Class

Labor Pains 2009 - Birthing Class - Thea Lindsay Lohan and Nick Luke Kirby pretend they are a couple at a perverse birthing class. tags: Aaron_YooAna_OrtizBonnie_SomervilleBridgit_MendlerBrunetteCheryl_HinesChrista_Campbell

Sick Dog

Labor Pains 2009 - Sick Dog - During an office meeting, Thea Lindsay Lohan watches on powerless as Jerry8217s Chris Parnell dog becomes ... tags: Aaron_YooAna_OrtizBonnie_SomervilleBridgit_MendlerBrunetteCheryl_HinesChrista_Campbell

Labor Pains - Trailer #1

Labor Pains 2009 - Trailer 1 - Thea Lindsay Lohan is about to lose her job when she blurts out a lie that she8217s pregnant. Now she must ... tags: Aaron_YooAna_OrtizBonnie_SomervilleBridgit_MendlerBrunetteCheryl_HinesChrista_Campbell

Surprise Baby Shower

Labor Pains 2009 - Surprise Baby Shower - Emma Bridgit Mendler throws a baby shower for Thea Lindsay Lohan to trap her into admitting that ... tags: Aaron_YooAna_OrtizBonnie_SomervilleBridgit_MendlerBrunetteCheryl_HinesChrista_Campbell

Can't Fire a Pregnant Woman

Labor Pains 2009 - Can't Fire a Pregnant Woman - When Thea Lindsay Lohan is about to be fired from her job, she blurts out a lie that ... tags: Aaron_YooAna_OrtizBonnie_SomervilleBridgit_MendlerBrunetteCheryl_HinesChrista_Campbell

I'm Going to Need a Shrink After This

Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son 2011 - I'm Going to Need a Shrink After This - Malcolm Martin Lawrence takes Trent Brandon T. Jackson ... tags: Ana_OrtizBeverly_TownsendBig_MommaBrandon_GillBrandon_T._JacksonChirkoffDelanté