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US black farmers seek compensation

African-American farmers have staged a massive protest in Washington DC calling on the US government to deliver on cash payments promised ... tags: americasnewsblackcompensationfamersjazeerajohnterret

US state hit hard by troop deployments

The military offensive in Marjah in southern Afghanistan is a crucial test of the US president's new strategy in the country.It is also the ... tags: aljazeeraamericasnewsarmydeploymentsjazeeraUSAvermont

Haitians still desperate for aid

Two months after a massive earthquake killed hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti and left the Caribbean island in ruins, the country's ... tags: aidaljazeeraamericasnewsdesperationeathquakehaitipreval

Doubts cloud Mexico's war on drugs

Barack Obama, the US president, has reiterated his administration's support for Mexico's fight against drug traffickers in a phone call to ... tags: alaljazeeraamericasnewscalderondrugsjazeeramariana

US city prepares for fully-electric vehicle project

Cars in the US are responsible for nearly half the greenhouse gases emitted by vehicles around the world, and scientists say reducing ... tags: americasnewsemissionsfranciscofully-electricgasglobalgreenhouse

US oil spill crisis continues

The state of Louisiana's governor has declared a state of emergency due to the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded on April 20 and left ... tags: Ackermanaljazeeraamericasnewscommercialenvironmentaljazeeraoil

US and Iran trade accusations over nuclear weapons

For the first time, the US has revealed the size of its nuclear stockpile - a figure it has kept a secret for half a century.The US and ... tags: aljazeeraamericasnewsiranNPTnuclearusaweapons

Chile quake victims criticise aid

It has been more than two months since Chile was hit by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded.The 8.8 magnitude quake and the ... tags: aljazeeraamericasnewschileConstitucionearthjazeeraquake

Growing outcry over Facebook privacy changes

An online backlash against the social website Facebook is gathering strength - and the company's executives have held an emergency meeting ... tags:

New steps on nuclear disarmament

After a month-long negotiation, 189 members of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty NPT have agreed on new steps towards nuclear ... tags: americasnewsjazeerakristennonnuclearobamaproliferation

Colombia's wealthy 'favoured'

With Colombia's general elections set for Sunday, outgoing president Alvaro Uribe will leave office in August after serving two four-year ... tags: alvaroamericasnewscolombiaenglishincomejazeeramisdistribution

US fishermen struggle amid oil clean up

The US government's point man on the Gulf oil spill says BP's blown-out well is not securely plugged to his satisfaction and that the ... tags: aljazeeraamericasnewscleanfishingoil