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Democrat and Republican negotiators agree a new spending bill to put before Congress

With another deadline looming at midnight Wednesday for a new spending bill, Democrat and Republican negotiators have come up with one ... tags: American_budgetandbillCongressDemocratFinancenegotiators

Breakthrough budget passed in US House of Representatives

The US House of Representatives has passed a breakthrough budget deal, avoiding a government shutdown in January.This result has laid the ... tags: American_budgetAmerican_politicsBreakthroughbudgetHousepassedRepresentatives

US committee reaches compromise deal over federal budget

A bipartisan budget deal to fund US federal services has been reached in Washington. It means for the first time in three years instead of ... tags: AccorAmerican_budgetbudgetcommitteecompromisedealfederal

US shutdown: end in sight, but will the Republican party...

As US Senators said they might be close to a deal to end the partial government shutdown, euronews Washington correspondent Stefan Grobe ...

Top US tourist sites reopen as states do deals over shutdown

Some of America's most famous tourist sites are reopening again this weekend despite the government shutdown.Individual states struck a ...

Fresh warnings as US default deadline looms

Despite a deal to reopen a number of iconic tourist sites, the US government remains closed with a default deadline looming.The debt ...

US government stand-off: Boehner not backing down

US House of Representatives speaker John Boehner has outlined his position on the stand-off surrounding raising the debt ceiling. In a ...

Obama warns Republicans to stop using "extortion" and...

President Obama has held a news conference about the US government shutdown.He warned Republicans to stop using what he called extortion ...

Brights spots in US shutdown ordeal: Americans make an...

The shutdown almost ruined their wedding, but Joy and Adam were able to tie the knot on the appointed day thanks to their fellow Americans' ...

The shutdown continues in the USA

Americans are losing patience with Congress as neither Republicans nor Democrats will blink over the budget standoff.In Washington, the ...

US government shutdown closes tourist attractions

After taking on Tojo and Hitler American WWII veterans were not letting any Washington shutdown prevent them from visiting their fallen ...

ECB holds rates unchanged, not perturbed about US shutdown

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi says the eurozone economy remains on track for a slow recovery.Speaking at a news conference ...