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Almighty, Videos - 3 by Popular

Ayya Vazhi - People Brutally assaulted by Soldiers

Cruel king sent the soldiers to arrest the saint. People are surrounded the saint and protecting him from the soldiers. But saint ask them ... tags: almightybalaDevotionaldivinegodmiraclesmovie

Ayya Vazhi - Saint Arrested by Cruel King

Saint arrested by Cruel King for acting against state, And his involvement in bringing people into revolutionary mode. King not recognised ... tags: almightybalaDevotionaldivinegodmiraclesmovie

Ayya Vazhi - Saint Fighting with Tiger

Cruel King imprisons saint and put him the tiger cage. Country people surround the open auditorium against King. Tiger come and kiss ... tags: almightyAYYAcountryDevotionaldivinemoviesangai

Ayya Vazhi - Despotism Rule,Citizens Prisoned

In the despotism, tyranny rule soldiers beat the people grab them to jail. In this movie there is a king who is very cruel and troubles ... tags: almightybalaDevotionaldivinegodmiraclesmovie

Thunaiyerrupal Bannari - Copra Feeding Delhi Ganesh

Angelic spirit copra come and help Delhi Ganesh by feeding him. Gangsters take Lakshmi to her husband place,there Delhi Ganesh act like mad ... tags: absurdalmightybannaridevotionaldivineirrationalloony

Ayya Vazhi - King Offers Life to Saint

One of the minister in king's court,request king to show some mercy to saint. King also accepted his arguments and offers chance to saint ... tags: almightyAYYAbalaDevotionaldivinegodmovie

Ayya Vazhi - City Babu Senthil Comedy

Swayamvaram for Senthil's daughter, City Babu and his Friend are competitors. The game is climb the palm tree and pluck the fruit from the ... tags: almightycityDaughterDevotionaldivinefriendmovie

Ayya Vazhi - Angelic Power Saint comes to Village

Angelic power Saint comes to village and addresses the people issues, using his power to rescue people from illness and he sits chanting ... tags: almightybaladivinegodmoviepowersaint

Ayya Vazhi - Senthil City Babu Comedy

Senthil scolded by his daughter, he wanna marry city babu so she fighting with Senthil for marry him. City Babu making Spoof out of his ... tags: almightybalaDevotionaldivinegodmiraclesmovie

Amma Swami(Vijayaprathapan)

Sung by L.R.Eswari, the song shows K.R.Vijay praying to the Goddess as he's stuck in a jungle and bleeding.nbsp tags: almightydevotionaldivinegodlyheavenlyholyK.R.Vijaya

Ayya Vazhi - Saint Blessing Heroine

Saint calls heroine by her name and blessed by good words. Heroine fantasizing about future with her boy. In this movie there is a king who ... tags: almightyAYYAbalaDevotionaldivinegodmovie

Ayya Vazhi - Saint Confession

Saint confesses before the king for his illegal activities. He is astonished and admitting the caste system and prevailing untouchabilities ... tags: almightyAyyaDevotionaldivineillegalKingmovie