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Alfre Woodard Videos - 3 by Popular

Gina Quits

Beauty Shop 2005 - Gina Quits - Fed up with Jorgersquos Kevin Bacon attitude and management style, Gina Queen Latifah quits. tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Airbags for Breasts

Beauty Shop 2005 - Airbags for Breasts - Lynn Alicia Silverstone and Joanne Mena Suvari get into an argument when Joanne tries to make a ... tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Joe's Spear

Beauty Shop 2005 - Joe's Spear - Gina Queen Latifah has an awkward moment when she is found fondlingnbspJoe's Djimon Hounsounbspspear.nbsp tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

How to Get Rid of a Man

Beauty Shop 2005 - How to Get Rid of a Man - DJ Helen Adele Givens gives advice over the radio about how to get rid of a man. tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Don King Issues

Beauty Shop 2005 - Don King Issues - The Beauty Shop is back in business when Gina Queen Latifah keeps the support of her staff and gets ... tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Does My Sexiness Offend You?

Beauty Shop 2005 - Does My Sexiness Offend You - Ms. Josephine Alfre Woodard preaches to the beauty shop, and they all join in. tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Bikini Wax

Beauty Shop 2005 - Bikini Wax - Gina Queen Latifah is encouraged to offer waxing in her beauty shop by some while others say their man ... tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

We Are Professionals

Beauty Shop 2005 - We Are Professionals - Gina Queen Latifah encounters hostility from her new employees when she introduces herself. tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Mrs. Towner

Beauty Shop 2005 - Mrs. Towner - Mrs. Towner Della Reese comes to the beauty shop expecting the former owner, but is treated by Lynn Alicia ... tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Meet Geechee

Cross Creek 1983 - Meet Geechee - Marjorie Mary Steenburgen and Geechee Alfre Woodard meet for the first time. tags: Alfre_WoodardCary_GuffeyDana_HillIke_EisenmannJoanna_MilesMalcolm_McDowellMarjorie_Kinnan_Rawlings

Norton's Gift

Cross Creek 1983 - Norton's Gift - Norton Peter Coyote surprises Marjorie Mary Steenburgen at her house by fixing her car. tags: Alfre_WoodardCary_GuffeyDana_HillIke_EisenmannJoanna_MilesMalcolm_McDowellMarjorie_Kinnan_Rawlings

You Want It, It's Yours!

Cross Creek 1983 - You Want It, It's Yours - The Sheriff C.T. Wakefield shoots and kills Marsh Rip Torn and the residents of Cross Creek ... tags: Alfre_WoodardCary_GuffeyDana_HillIke_EisenmannJoanna_MilesMalcolm_McDowellMarjorie_Kinnan_Rawlings