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60" : Jeûner, juré, déchiré

L'image Aller prier sur l'esplanade des mosques un vendredi de ramadan - ReutersLa phrase Bernard Kouchner ne comprend pas les ... tags: alialqudsbongocisjordanieelectionesplanadegabon

Knesset attempts to pass a bill allowing Jews to pray in al-Aqsa

An Israeli parliamentary committee has held a heated debate after the right wing members put forward a bill that would allow Jews to pray ...

Israel to build synagogue in Al Aqsa mosque compound

A report, leaked by the Al Aqsa Foundation, has revealed that the Israeli Authorities have a plan to divide the Al Aqsa mosque compound in ...

Several Palestinian minors sentenced to imprisonment in Israeli jails

An Israeli court has handed down various prison sentences-ranging between 17 to 40 months- to eight Palestinian youths from Shuafat refugee ...

Thousand of Muslims pray at al-Aqsa on Quds Day

Quds day is an annual event that takes places on the last Friday of Ramadan and is marked by millions rallying in different countries ... tags: al-QudsEastIslamMiddleMuslimPalestineRamadan

Iran: "Al-Quds Day", manifestazioni nel giorno della...

Migliaia di persone si sono riversate in strada a Teheran per manifestare contro Israele e a favore del popolo palestinese nel 'Al-Quds ... tags: Al-QudseuronewsIranIran:iranianaIsraeleManifestazione

Should Muslims outside Palestine visit al-Quds while it is under occupation?

Egypts grand mufti Shaikh Ali Jumaas visit to Al-Quds Jerusalem last April, was criticized by some Muslim and Arab figures. tags: Al-AqsaAl-QudsfatwaIllegalIsraelmosqueMuslims

International al-Quds day marked in London

International Al-Quds day was also marked in London on Friday. And despite it being a week day well over a thousand people turned out to ... tags: al-QudsdayIsraellondonoccupationpalestine

Yemenis mark International al-Quds day

Anti-US and Israeli slogans rang high at the International Al-Quds day conference in Sanaa, which highlighted the imperative obligation of ... tags: al-qudsconferencedayisraelpalestinesanaaYemen

International al-Quds day marked in Sarajevo

In Bosnia and Herzegovina manifestation International Al-Quds Day has been organized thirteen years in row to show solidarity with ... tags: al-qudsBosniaisreaeloccupationpalestinesarajevo

Palestinians rally to al-Aqsa mosque for International al-Quds Day

Thousands of Palestinians flock from the West Bank to al Aqsa mosque for International Al-Quds Day. tags: al-aqsaal-qudsdayjerusalemmosquePalestinerally

Gazans rally to show solidarity with‏ Palestinians in al-Quds

In Gaza, hundreds of people from all walks of life gathered in the Palestine stadium on Thursday. tags: al-qudsilligalisrealjerusalemPalestinerallysettlers