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Am I Doing ANY Of These Right Henshin!...?

This is meant to be an HOMAGE of a PARODY Or maybe this is meant to be a PARODY of a PARODY I bet there may be someone out there trying to ...

Gamera Vs. Jiger

A giant creature attacks Japan during the World Fair and its up to Gamera to stop it. But the monster injects Gamera with its offspring and ... tags: actor:akiyamaChristophergenre:sci-fiKatherineKonmiyuki

Countdown to UFC 144

The UFC returns to Japan for the first time since Dec 16, 2000. Frankie Edgar defends his title versus Ben Henderson, Rampage takes on TUF ... tags: 144AKIYAMABADERCOMMERCIALCOUNTDOWNEDGARFIGHT

UFC 144: Pre-Fight Press Conference

Dana White and the UFC 144 fighters answer questions from the media as the UFC returns to Japan for the first time in 11 years. tags: 144akiyamabaderconferencedanaedgarfight

UFC 144: Live from Japan

The Ultimate Fighting Championship returns to Japan for UFC 144, and the high-stakes battles on tap translate into excitement in any ... tags: 144AKIYAMABADERCOMMERCIALEDGARFIGHTFREE

The Greatest Wrestling Game Ever Made?! By TonyPizzaGuy (Virtual Pro Wrestling 2) Sports

11/16/11 to watch Fantasy Matchup Brock Lesnar vs Stone Cold by TonyPizzaGuy ft. Sma11z99 WWE 12 Sports The Greatest Wrestling Game Ever ... tags: 64 ace AKI Asmik Baba Corporation Entertainment

UFC 133 Weigh In Highlight: Evans Vs Ortiz

\n \n Don't miss the rematch between these two former champions - Tomorrow NighT Live on Pay-Per-View or at 6/9pm ... tags: 133AKIYAMABELFORTBoxingDANA_WHITEEVANS_ORTIZMartial_Arts

UFC 133: Chef Belfort

\n \n Cutting 25 pounds while keeping your strength and muscle - all in the life of a UFC fighter. / 5 362 views ... tags: 133AKIYAMABELFORTBoxingDIETDolceEVANS