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Akira Kamiya Videos by Popular

Goodbye, Innocence!

When Kaikink is fixed, more Steel Beasts attack the cargo ship. Then suddenly, Killjaguar and Daiku-Maryu show up and join the ... tags: 2005ActionAkira_KamiyaAnimeGaikingGoodbyeHaruya_Yamazaki

Super Weapon! The Trump Card of Darius

Dick attacks Gaiking to get to the enemy, and while the enemy falters, Gaiking counterattacks. Although they managed to get through the ... tags: 2005ActionAkira_KamiyaAnimeCardDariusGaiking

Huge Massacre! Huge Development!

Daiku-Maryu returns to Darius with a special missile that creates Death Cross Point. They join up with Lee and Vestarnu on Daichi-Maryu and ... tags: 2005ActionAkira_KamiyaAnimeDevelopment!GaikingHaruya_Yamazaki

Tenku-Maryu of Love and Hate!

Dick intervenes just in time and takes the blade in the shoulder instead of Garis. Lulu gets taken away again by Proist, and Garis and the ... tags: 2005ActionAkira_KamiyaAnimeGaikingHaruya_YamazakiHate!

The Successor is 13 Years Old!

Daiku-Maryu docks by a beautiful lake, and the crewmembers enjoy a moment of relaxation. There, Daiya compares his friend Naoto and his ... tags: 2005ActionAkira_KamiyaAnimeGaikingHaruya_YamazakiHidekatsu_Shibata

Sakon Escapes?!

One day, Shizuka looks frantically for Dr. Sakon, but he is nowhere on the ship. Shizuka becomes furious and takes off on Stinger to go ... tags: 2005ActionAkira_KamiyaAnimeGaikingHaruya_YamazakiHidekatsu_Shibata

Deadly Full Course Attack!

Garis must be taken to a rebel fort to get treated, but in order to get there, Daiku-Maryu must fly through a dangerous minefield.Shared by ... tags: 2005ActionAkira_KamiyaAnimeAttack!CourseDeadly

The Smallest Strongest Enemy in History

On their way to their fort in Ohmazan, Daiku-Maryu takes a break in the Kanalups Mountains. Shared by TV UploaderOn Wednesday, May 25, ... tags: 2005ActionAkira_KamiyaAnimeEnemyGaikingHaruya_Yamazaki

100% Accurate Fortune Telling!

Lulu starts reading peoples fortunes when one day, she predicts that Bry, the rebel fighter and Daiku-Maryu supporter, will reunite with ... tags: 100%2005AccurateActionAkira_KamiyaAnimeFortune

Clash! An Honorable Duel

Daiku-Maryu docks at a tropical island where the crewmembers enjoy some beach time.Shared by TV UploaderOn Wednesday, May 25, 2011Original ... tags: 2005ActionAkira_KamiyaAnimeClash!DuelGaiking

The New Emperor's Trap!

Powerless against the enhanced Steel Beast, Stinger, Serpent, and Killjaguar retreat to Daiku-Maryu for the time being, but they learn that ... tags: 2005ActionAkira_KamiyaAnimeEmperor'sGaikingHaruya_Yamazaki

Reunion, the Father who Betrayed!

Emperor Darius contacts Lulu and asks her to stop Proist. He asks for a meeting and says he will bring Daiyas father with him. Lulu thinks ... tags: 2005ActionAkira_KamiyaAnimeBetrayed!FatherGaiking