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阿明說: 台灣的åª'體不太懂Linsanity ...

2/29/12 Linsanity has spread to Taiwan just like in the US Unfortunately, it appears that most of the media in Taiwan are a bit unclear as ... tags: AhbyingCTIFTVJeremyLinLinsanityNBA

阿明問: 邱毅回大學當老師, ...

2/15/12 After losing his legislative seat in the last election, former KMT legislator Chiu Yi has decided to return to teaching. was kind ... tags: AhbyingTaiwan

阿明說: 林來瘋(linsanity) 也吹到總統府

2/13/12 Well, it appears that Linsanity has officially swept through Taiwan's Presidential Office. , in an address to his new cabinet , ... tags: AhbyingJeremyLinTaiwan

阿明問: ...

2/9/12 yesterday applauded the launch of an online cross-strait Chinese dictionary that incorporates a database on the languages used in ... tags: AhbyingTaiwan

阿明問: 連戰, ...

1/17/12 Last Saturday, at 's campaign headquarters Lien Chan took the stage and in a congratulatory speech to referred to the nation of ... tags: AhbyingChanchiefdistrictLienTaiwan

阿明問: 馬英九, ...

1/10/12...Two days ago held election rallies and stressing how he is Hakka , which he's not, and how he was raised on Taiwanese rice and ... tags: 2012AhbyingelectionTaiwan

阿明問: ...

1/8/12 Taiwan's 2012 presidential election is coming up next week. Election commercials have been flooding Taiwan's airwaves, while ... tags: 2012AhbyingelectionTaiwanvotewin-win

阿明問: ...

12/6/11 I've noticed that has problems with a lot of his numbers. In last Saturday's presidential debate, made it a point to say that ... tags: 633744AhbyingTaiwan

阿明問: 中天新聞的錢那麼多, ...

12/4/11 Two days ago, ran a report on the AIT's new spokesman who will be taking over next year in Taiwan. apparently thinks that this new ... tags: ahbying AIT Charlie CTI Sheen TaiwanAhbying

阿明説:馬英九不用 home stay, 他 STAY HOME 就好了

11/9/11 Last week, President started his 'home stay' tour around Taiwan where he sleeps over at people's places for a night. How sleeping ... tags: ahbying election home stay TaiwanAhbyingelection

阿明問: ...

10/30/11 On 10/28, informed us that Taiwan now has a new enemy But who has recently proposed to sign a peace agreement with China within ... tags: agreement ahbying climate enemy peace Taiwan treaty

阿明問: ...

11/2/11 Yesterday, and expressed hopes that even with the latest economic downturn Taiwanese companies refrain from using unpaid leave . ... tags: ahbying leave Taiwan unpaidAhbyingleaveTaiwan