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Did Angola Really Ban Islam?

Some news outlets are reporting the Southern African nation outlawed Islam and began destroying mosques, but Newsy finds those claims ... tags: africa_newsangolaangola_banangola_newsinternational_business_timesislamislam_ban

Marche burkinabe

March burkinab de Ouagadougou Gounghin tags: africanewsburkinacleodiomafasoouagadougou

Security concerns hamper Word Cup ticket sales

In June, South Africa will host the football World Cup, one of the world's most watched sporting events.But few tickets have yet been sold ... tags: africaafricanewsaljazeeracupfootballharujazeera

Central Nigeria on "high alert"

A group of Nigerians armed with guns, machetes and spears has killed hundreds of people in villages near the central city of Jos.Local ... tags: abujaafricanewschristiansenglishjazeerajosmuslims

Tensions high after Uganda fire

In Uganda questions remain over whether a fire that destroyed a World Heritage Site near the capital, Kampala, was deliberate. The blaze ... tags: africanewsalaljazeeraandrewBagandabugandakampala

Civilians suffer in DR Congo conflict - 8 Jan 10

The government in the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC and United Nations peacekeepers have launched an operation to pacify the mountain ... tags: africanewsAmanicongoDRCkivuLeomasisi

Ajdabiya bears the brunt of fighting

The fighting has been continuing around Ajdabiya in the eastern part of Libya.Rebels said they have now re-taken control of the area, but ... tags: africanewsGaddafiLibyarebels

Problems linger in Sidi Bouzid

It was the self-immolation of a young Tunisian man that sparked the uprising that has spread across the Arab world.However, months after ... tags: africanewsalaljazeerabouzidenglishjazeeramoshiri

Update: Gaddafi refuses to leave

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has called for negotiations with NATO to stop the coalition's air strikes against his country.Speaking live ... tags: africanewsaljazeerabattlefightinggaddafilibyamuammar

Breakthrough in the fight against HIV

The fight for global access to anti-Aids drugs has been given added urgency as a research study found that people with HIV who start taking ... tags: africanewsAIDSalaljazeeraHealthcareHIVJazeera

Cloud hangs over Ouattara's inauguration

Ivory Coast's new President Alassane Ouattara is promising to reconcile his deeply divided country after a bitter power struggle with his ... tags: africanewsCoastcotedivoireinaugurationIvoryLaurent

Freedom of expression explodes in Libya

There has been an explosion of freedom of expression in the Libyan city of Benghazi. Dissent was banned, until rebels assumed control.As ... tags: africanewsaljazeeraexpressionfreedomgaddafilibyaSue