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Instagram Debuts Advertisements on Feeds

The advertisements will appear as photos or videos with the word 'sponsored' in place of a timestamp. Users can hide ads they don't like.

Popcorn Makes Advertising Less Effective

Popcorn shields viewers from the effects of advertisements in the movie theater, according to a study by the University of Cologne. Lisa ...

GS Daily News - Xbox sharing data with advertisers, Dual Shock 4 on PC!

GS Daily News - Xbox sharing data with advertisers, Dual Shock 4 on PC

The Urban Demographic

Seattle, Washington and its surrounding area is among the top 10 metro markets for radio. Its a highly competitive area for stations ... tags: advertisersAndersonb-moviesclassicfilmindiemodern

Super Bowl commercials create buzz for brands

Coming in to only the big game itself, Super Bowl commercials have already started making waves. Advertisers are banking that viewers will ... tags: adsadvertisersalreadyareBowlcosteven

NextNYers 108.

01/07/08 Co-Founders Matthew Semel and Chris Chang discuss their company's goal of providing creative, engaging, and entertaining ... tags: 10tonadvertisersadviceblogcontentnextnyersonline Concerned Childrens Advertisers Turns 20

Long Live Kids - 20 Years of Reaching and Teaching Kids by Long Live Kids LLK is a one-of-a-kind initiative delivered by ... tags: advertiserscanadachildrensconcerned

MTV's Skins Controversy: Showing too much skin?

- Become a Fan - Follow UsMTV's new show skins might be showing too much skin. I mean, the scandalous shots are causing an advertising ... tags: advertisersbellcontroversyMTVnewNewsseries

YouTube and Facebook the changing shape of media - YouTube

I joined YouTube in August 2006 and uploaded the first videos in January 2007, In December 2007 we were asked by Google AdSense to be ... tags: adsenseadvertisersadvertisingCanadaChangeFacebookFilm

more snorkeling HD - YouTube

With global warming taking place now, we are already loosing the worlds reefs and more and more dead zones 150 'dead zones' in world's ... tags: adsenseadvertisersadvertisingCanadachangeclimateenvironment