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Ladies Hand Styling for Salsa Dancing

We have a great salsa lesson explaining hand and arm styling for the ladies for their salsa dancing. We are trying something new by doing a ... tags: addicted2salsadancedancingmambomusicsalsa

Styling for Basic Salsa Turns

This video will show the ladies how to add dance styling to their salsa dancing basic turns. Jocelyn will explain how to add styling to the ... tags: addicted2salsaballroomdancedancingmusicsalsa - So Easy A Machine Can Do!

\n \n So if you're tired of standing around or making excuses why you're not dancing then give it a try The ... tags: Addicted2salsaBasicBeginnerDanceDancingHow_ToLatin

Salsa Episode 3: Simple Combo 1 with Styling

Again, we are only getting to learn how to use FinalCut Pro for video editing, so please bear with us on our video quality but here is our ... tags: addicted2salsaanthonycombodanceEntertainmentfahimihesam

Learn Salsa Dancing : Intermediate Steps

you are enjoying our dance podcast. This episode will basically cover some simple dance moves that are basically universal -- that everyone ... tags: addicted2salsaclubdancedancingHowtolessonssalsa

Learn Salsa Dance : Intermediate Steps

you are enjoying our dance video lessons. This dance lesson will basically cover some simple dance moves that are basically universal -- ... tags: addicted2salsaclubdancedancingHowtolessonssalsa

Ladies' Styling for Salsa Dancing

For those who are ready to add something extra to their cross body leads in salsa dancing, this video will provide three ladies' styling ... tags: addicted2salsadancedance_lessonsdance_videoDance_VideoshowHowTo

Men's Styling for Salsa Dancing

The often-requested men's styling for salsa dancing has arrived Once you have a solid basis for your cross body leads, the next step is to ... tags: addicted2salsadancedance_lessonsdance_videoDance_VideoshowHowTo

Quick Style Tips for Ladies

If anyone out there is wondering, 'what can I do to improve that doesn't involve the natural process of getting good over time,' I have ... tags: addicted2salsadancedance_lessonsdance_videoDance_VideoshowHowTo

Mambo Styled Salsa Dance Moves

In this episode of Addicted2Salsa Dance Lesson show, we travel a bit to the East Coast in order to show you a very common and popular move ... tags: addicted2salsadancedance_lessonsdance_videoDance_VideoshowHowTo

How to Improve Your Spins in Dancing

This video will help provide you with three great ways of improving your dance spinning technique. While most of the advice presented in ... tags: addicted2salsadancedance_lessonsdance_videoDance_VideoshowHowTo

The Submarine ‘boop' Combo

Well, this is a funny one I think. The name of this combo was given by our video grapher Cedric Parlade because everytime I taught the ... tags: addicted2salsadancedance_lessonshowHowTolatin_dance_videoslatin_dancing