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Doc vous présente : Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Mouai mon premier jeux que je prsente sur ma XBOX 360, un jeux ultra vendu , ultra apprcier.A raison Pas forcement , A tord Pas forcement ... tags: ACOGÉtats-UnisGuerreM4A1MarinesMéchantmoderne

Ofc :: CoD4 Teamtage: #1 - by ATR

Ofc Editor Music Celldweller - 'Frozen' Aranda - 'Whyyawannabringmedown' Parabelle - 'Kiss the Flag The ... tags: 08acogATRbyCallcinemaCod

Religions Must Cover Birth Control?

170+ Fox News Bias videos at The birth control coverage regulation announced by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen ... tags: abortionacogactaffordableafteramericaamericas

Jaffa507's first montage!

this is my first attempt at a montage, its not the best and its pretty laggy. it took a day to make and i used windows movie maker and ... tags: 507ACOGcallcodCoD4dazzleduty

MW3: zzirGrizz Triple Headshot Challenge 8

Here is the live gameplay from Tuesdays Triple Headshot Challenge The game is from my perspective to capture the voice and reactions from ... tags: acogCall DutyCall Of Duty 4: Modern WarfareCall Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3callofdutyChallengeCod

Your Create-a-Class Combinations: M4A1 ACOG

Make sure you leave a comment telling me your create a class combinations and I just might pick it Thanks for this Create-a-Class ... tags: acogclasscombinationcommentariescreatem4mw3

Flawless Trash Talking Black Guy vs White Chick

Like and Favorite if you enjoyed Bro. = I don't normally do this kinda thing but what was said is just pure gold that I couldn't let pass ... tags: 36050acogAfghanak-47alland