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Dal Campidoglio parte esenzione Imu, 376 mila famiglie non pagheranno la tassa sulla prima casa

376 mila famiglie romane con un reddito Isee non superione a 15 mila euro non dovranno pagare lImu sulla prima casa. Una volta terminato il ... tags: 376Esenzionefamiglieimumilanonpagheranno

5 Things You Should Know | Myles Dyer

5 things you should know about me right now 1 Personal Facebook - 2 Brand New YouTube Channel - 3 My UK ... tags: 20123765 Things You Should KnowBladeBlade376BritishConor Jatter

Life's Too Short | Myles Dyer

I wasn't sure about uploading this, but hopefully you take something positive from my words. Tickets for ZDay ... tags: 376blade376BritishCivilisationCostDeathEmpathic

The Room: Exclusive Interview with Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero | Myles Dyer

The Room legends Tommy Wiseau Greg Sester kindly asked me to interview them at The Prince Charles Cinema More info ... tags: 2012376BladeBlade376BritishDannyDyer

Healthy Eating And Exercise | Myles Dyer

'They say sometimes you cannot run or hide. But from an unhealthy lifestyle, I choose to do the former.' - Myles Dyer It's time for me to ... tags: 376AdviceAndBananaBeginnersBladeBlade376

SOPA Analogies | Myles Dyer

These SOPA Analogies should explain how ridiculous SOPA PIPA legislation is It may have been put on hold for now, but it will return If ... tags: 376ActAnalogiesAnalogyAuthorizationBillBlade

Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe (Explicit) | LYRICS ANALYSIS | Myles Dyer

What is Nicki Minaj on about in her new song Stupid Hoe Let me explain... Click to TWEET Click to SHARE on Facebook Music ... tags: (Explicit)376AnalysedBladeBlade376BritishCash

2011 in a vlog-shell | Myles Dyer

2011 in a vlog-shell really allowed me to reflect on the life I have been living. I now live everyday as if it's my last Not with ... tags: 201020112011 in a vlog-shell2012376AOTWArab Spring

001 | Pilot | Eye of the Storm | Myles Dyer

Pilot episode of 'Eye of the Storm', a new web series in which I relax for 10 whilst responding to your questions. THIS WEEK'S QUESTIONS 1 ... tags: 00110 minutes376AnswersApathyBladeBlade376

002 | Legacy | Eye of the Storm | Myles Dyer

I wasn't sure if these new web series would work out, but the feedback has been very positive Thank you Huge thanks to Mike Oraw for the ... tags: 00210 minutes376AnswersBarossaBladeBlade376

We Must Act Now, Not Later | Myles Dyer

We must act now, not later because the 'business as usual' approach will only lead to disaster 30-40 years from now. I talk about the ... tags: 376ActAloneBladeBlade376DieDie Alone

003 | Sorry California | Eye of the Storm | Myles Dyer

Eye of the Storm is a weekly show where Myles Dyer answers your questions This week topics include Reading Genius, The 2012 Olympics, Enter ... tags: 00310 minutes20112012376Alex DayAnswers