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20th Century Videos - 3 by Popular

Hindsight 2011-10-02

Captain Robert Falcon Scott -- the name conjures up the image of an English hero, walking to his death in the Antarctic after having ... tags: 20th_centurycommunity_and_societyhistoryhuman_interestpeoplescience_and_technology

Hindsight 2011-09-18

A portrait of the German artist Walter Spies, who left Europe in the early 1920s for Java, then part of the Dutch East Indies. Spies ... tags: 20th_centuryarts_and_entertainmentcommunity_and_societyhistoryvisual_art

Hindsight 2011-09-11

Each month since 1910 a small group of women calling themselves The Catalysts has been meeting in Melbourne for a meal and a discussion ... tags: 20th_centurycommunity_and_societyhistorianshistorywomen

Hindsight 2011-08-28

Tracing family history can be a deeply emotional experience, one that is illuminating, painful, and which may raise as many questions as it ... tags: 20th_centurycommunity_and_societyhistoryindigenousstraittorresworld_war_1

Hindsight 2011-08-14

Ever think about the stories embodied in those seemingly mundane objects inside our homes This was the thought behind the Apron Strings ... tags: 20th_centurycommunity_and_societyhistoryhuman_interestimmigrationpeople

Hindsight 2011-07-24

An entire species of tree was wiped out on the NSW coast in the first 100 years of settlement. Red cedar was, and still is highly sought ... tags: 18th_century19th_century20th_centurycommunity_and_societyenvironmenthistory

Stravinsky - Histoire du Soldat Suite I [w/ score]

Histoire du soldat sometimes written L'histoire du soldat translated as The Soldier's Tale is a 1918 theatrical work 'to be read, played, ... tags: 20th century clarinet classical classical music music piano trio

2011-07-20 Who are the asylum seekers?

Rear Vision takes a broader look at the history of asylum seekers and puts the current Australian situation into a global context. tags: 20th_centuryallcommunity_and_societyconflict_and_wargovernment_and_politicshistoryNews_Politics

2011-07-13 Greek tragedy

As the Greek government struggles to convince both its angry citizens and sceptical European leaders that it has the answers to its ... tags: 20th_centuryallbusinesscommunity_and_societycrisisdebteconomics_and_finance

Hindsight 2011-07-10

Just two generations ago, before the term multiculturalism became the norm, Australian society was polarised between two main groups ... tags: 20th_centurycommunity_and_societyhistoryreligion_and_beliefs

Hindsight 2011-07-03

Just two generations ago, before the term multiculturalism became the norm, Australian society was polarised between two main groups ... tags: 20th_centurycommunity_and_societyfamily_and_childrenhistoryreligion_and_beliefs

Elson Lecture 2000: Wayne Thiebaud: "The Painted World"

June 2011 - Wayne Thiebaud, artist. American artist and teacher Wayne Thiebaud discusses the important differences between 'painting' and ... tags: 20th_centuryartArtscakesebsworthelsonpainting