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MBLV 16 - Vossi (allein) am Stand von American DJ (mit Gewinnspiel) - Mobile Beat Las Vegas

Ich schaue mir schonmal vor der Musikmesse die neuen Lichteffekte von American DJ an , auerdem habe ich etwas fr drei User mitgehen lassen- ... tags: 1wadjamericanaudiobeatcheckdeejay

New Laser Colors! 460nm Sapphire Blue and 589nm Yellow!

Here are some 'rare' colors of handheld lasers I have acquired recently. 460nm is considered true blue and 589nm is a yellow/orange color. ... tags: 1w460nm589nm5mwarcticbluebuild

Sniper Shot of Balloon and Match at 82ft with 2W Green Laser!

Here a 2W green laser with a 15X beam expander snipes a balloon and match at 82ft. I'll get longer shots if I can find a better, flat spot ... tags: 1.5w 1000mw 1w 2000mw 445nm 532nm balloon


KAM LASERSCAN 1000RGB ------------- ---------------- This is a pro unit and not to be treated like a toy. Laser light can be very ... tags: 1000RGB 1w Audio band club color ellaskins

Cheap 473nm Blue Laser from eBay - Hack to make TEN times stronger!

Here I bought a broken 473nm blue laser from eBay and hacked it so it is strong enough to even burn stuff Info on this laser of mine ... tags: 100mw 1w 445nm 50mw arctic blu-ray blue

The Spyder Arctic 1W Blue Laser from Wicked Lasers -- styropyro's review

For the past year, I have been pounded with emails asking about Wicked Lasers and their very popular laser, the Spyder Arctic S3. This was ... tags: 1000mw 1W 445nm arctic blue build burning

styropyro's BURNING LASER GIVEAWAY!!! (closed)

WINNARS11 Sorry that should have been faster, but I had to filter out TWELVE of the candidates because they didn't participate in the ... tags: 100mw 1w 200mw 250mw 445nm 532nm arctic

400mW Green Laser from DinoDirect - Review and Burning Stuff!

Overview of the S-KY 200mW rated green laser from DinoDirect. My unit is outputting over double its rated power Link to this laser ... tags: 1w 200mw 445nm 532nm blue build burning

2000mW GREEN Laser Destroying Stuff! - "When Scientists Get Bored"

Here I burn the crap out of a bunch of stuff with a laboratory grade 2W 532nm DPSS laser module. This is the first laser I've had that has ... tags: 1000mw 100me 1W 2000mw 2W 445nm beam

Burning Laser vs. Thermometer!

A thermometer is no match for a 1W blue laser and explodes within of being exposed to the beam. I get a lot of questions asking how 'hot' a ... tags: 1000mw 1W 445nm blu build burning dinodirect

300mW Green Laser Torch from DinoDirect - Burning Stuff and Overview (HD!)

Here I demonstrate the extreme power of a 300mW green handheld laser from Here is a link to this exact laser ... tags: 1w 200mw 445nm 532nm beam blu blue