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Absolute Beginner S2 #9 - Enjoy Refreshments on the Beach with Portuguese

Learn Portuguese with While in Brazil, your friend wants to go to the beach for the coconut water, but you are ... tags: AbsoluteBeginnerEducationer_verbsexpressing_hungerFortalezaHigher_Education

TENER: Audio Verb Drill

This podcast is the audio verb drill for the simple past tense of the verb TENER and gives you an idea of what the ReVerb Spanish audio ... tags: -ER_verbsEducationEducation_Higher_EducationEducation_K-12Education_Language_CoursesHigher_EducationK-12

SABER has 2 different meanings

Did you know that the Spanish verb SABER has two different definitionsThe first meaning, you probably already know. Yes, saber means to ... tags: -ER_verbsEducationEducation_Higher_EducationEducation_K-12Education_Language_CoursesHigher_EducationK-12


Soler is a unique verb in Spanish because it cant be used in all verb tenses. In linguistics, its what is called a defective verb. That ... tags: -ER_verbsdefective_verbEducationEducation_Higher_EducationEducation_K-12Education_Language_CoursesHigher_Education

SER vs. ESTAR: Adjectives that change meaning

If youve been studying Spanish awhile, you probably already know plenty about the Spanish verbs SER and ESTAR. But did you know that there ... tags: -AR_verbs-ER_verbsEducationEducation_Higher_EducationEducation_K-12Education_Language_CoursesHigher_Education

Ver vs. Mirar

The definitions of these two verbs are clear in any dictionary VER means 8220to see8221 while MIRAR is defined as 8220to look at8221 or ... tags: -AR_verbs-ER_verbsEducationEducation_Higher_EducationEducation_K-12Education_Language_CoursesHigher_Education

Get more ReVerb Spanish verb-y goodness on Twitter

If you have visited this blog a few times, you may have noticed a couple of things.A. That it is pretty brand new only about a month old ... tags: -AR_verbs-ER_verbs-IR_verbsAnnouncementsEducationEducation_Higher_EducationEducation_K-12

SER: Audio Verb Drill

The complete set of conjugations of the verb SER is now available. It contains over 30 of audio covering the present tense, preterite, ... tags: -ER_verbsAnnouncementsEducationEducation_Higher_EducationEducation_K-12Education_Language_CoursesHigher_Education

Conocer vs Saber

Both of these verbs mean 8220to know8221 in Spanish. However they are not exact synonyms. That means they are not verbs that can be used ... tags: -ER_verbsconocer_vs_saberEducationEducation_Higher_EducationEducation_K-12Education_Language_CoursesHigher_Education