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Global 3000 | One Bio-engineering Seed Producer

In the United States,the battle over genetically modified crops is over. Much of America's corn,soybean and cotton production is ... tags: 3000cropsCultureDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVEconomics

Genetically Modified Foods Not Welcome | People

German chemicals giant BASF is closing its biotech division in Germany. The move was prompted by massive resistance to genetically modified ...

Hundreds march in Kauai against GMOs

It's an ongoing debate across Hawaii. And with the Kauai council set to take up the GMO issue, those on both sides are making their stands.

GM bacteria finds hidden mines - 4 Dec 09

Global programmes to clear the world of landmines face a budget shortfall of almost half a billion dollars next year.The deficit ... tags: bacteriabombsbudgetgeneticallyhumanlandlives

Canadian Opposition to Engineered Salmon

A handful of environmentalists and health advocates on Prince Edward Island are trying to stop the United States government from approving ... tags: adhopiaedwardengineeredfoodgeneticallygmoisland

Artificial Meat in Our Future

Artificial meat, nanotechnology and genetic tools are among the 'tools of science' that may be needed in the coming decades to help supply ... tags: foodgeneticallymeatmodifiednanotechnology

Kenyans Skeptical of Agricultural Biotechnology

Supporters of agricultural biotechnology say that modified crops may help to solve food security problems in developing countries like ... tags: agriculturalbiotechnologyfoodgeneticallygmoKenyamodified

China's "Super Rice" Gives Super Yield

China's 'super rice' sets a new world record for its yield of 13.9 metric tons per hectare, more than double the national average of 6.3 ... tags: AgriculturalandCenterDevelopmentfoodsgeneticallyHybrid

Frankenfood: For harm or for good?

RT's own resident in New York, Lori Harfenist, asks people in the streets whether they think genetically modified food is safe.RT on ... tags: foodgeneticallyGMHarfensthealthissuesLori

Why You Should Care: GMOs on your plate (E6)

So how many GMOs does one put into one's stomach daily Tim's robot friend couldn't care less, so it's a challenge to explain that the ... tags: carefoodgeneticallyGMOKirbymodifiedshould

Spain: a paradise for GM Crops_Reporter_FRANCE24_EN

Spain is the European heavyweight when it comes to GM crops. In Aragon, 80 of organic, or conventional corn, is now contaminated by ... tags: agricultureAragoncorncropsFRANCE24geneticallymodified

Australia: Genetically modified profits

REPORT After a decade-long drought, farmers in the southern Australian state of Victoria hope newly authorised GM crops will boost profits ... tags: australiafarmingfrancegeneticallymodifiedprofitsreport