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Black Student Hangs Confederate Flag in Dorm

A 19 year-old African American student at University of South Carolina Beaufort hung a confederate flag in his dorm room. Ana Kasaparian, ... tags: civil war civil war slavery confederacy confederate flag confederate flag civil war confederate flag dorm south slavery

Israeli Govt: Don't Marry American Jews

The government in Israel has an aggressive ad campaign urging Israelis not to marry American Jews. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on ... tags: israel government israeli marry marriage israeli marriage jewish The Turks Young

BBC Host: Execute Striking Workers in Front of Families

Jeremy Clarkson, host of BBC's Top Gear, is coming under heavy criticism for comments he made in an interview on BBC's The One Show ... tags: bbc one show bbc top gear jeremy clarkson shot jeremy clarkson top gear jeremy clarkson workers jeremy workers strike The

Adam Carolla Occupy Wall Street Rant (Breakdown)

Talk show host Adam Carolla ripped into Occupy Wall Street protesters as whiny 'monsters'. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur explains why ... tags: #occupywallstreet @adamcarolla adam carolla adam carolla protesters adam carolla rant carolla occupy occupy wall street

Chase Pushed Minorities Into Subprime Loans - Former Banker

A former Chase banker spoke with The New York Times' Nick Kristof about how Chase pushed subprime loans to minorities for big commissions. ... tags: chase bank chase minorities chase subprime chase subprime loans housing bubble housing market minorities mortgages

Poor Kids Should Clean Bathrooms - Newt Gingrich

Will child labor laws be repealed if Republican Newt Gingrich defeats President Obama's reelection bid in 2012 The Young Turks host Cenk ... tags: child labor gingrich 2012 gingrich child labor gingrich poor children gingrich poor kids newt gingrich bathrooms newt gingrich president

Newt Gingrich to Win 2012 Republican Presidential Primary?

After a big surge in recent polls Newt Gingrich believes he will be the Republican candidate GOP voters choose to face off against ... tags: gingrich issues gingrich obama gingrich scandal newt gingrich polls newt gingrich president The Turks

Don't Tax Rich to Offset Payroll Tax Cut - Republicans

Republicans in the Senate refuse to allow a small tax increase on millionaires to help offset a cut to the payroll tax - they would rather ... tags: democrats surtax millionaires surtax payroll tax payroll tax social security payroll taxes social security cuts tax millionaires