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Will my site's ranking be hurt if I use HTTPS instead of HTTP?

By design, is slower than Considering Google's focus on speed, does that mean that my site will be penalized if I switch to Gary Tams, ... tags: Help http https seo spdy speed Webmaster

Should I spend more time on improving my content or on fighting scrapers?

Hi Matt I understand that the recent farmer update Panda gives a penalty for poor content. Given the penalty scrapers have been outranking ... tags: Help quality scrapers seo spam Webmastergoogle


Matt Cutts talks about cloaking. Learn more in our Help Center Have a question Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum ... tags: cloaking Help seo WebmastercloakinggoogleHelp

If I get links to a URL with and without a trailing slash, will my PageRank be split?

There are a lot of rumors about whether or not slash at the end of a domain makes a difference. Is there a difference between getting a ... tags: Help seo slash WebmastergoogleHelpseo

Should I block Googlebot from crawling a dynamically generated calendar?

Should I deny an access to a dynamically generated vBulletin calendar via robots.txt Whenever I open my Who's Online' page, I can always ... tags: crawling Help seo WebmastercrawlinggoogleHelp

Does Google consider SEO to be spam?

Matt Cutts answers the question 'Does Google consider SEO to be spam' New to SEO Check out our SEO Starter Guide Want advice ... tags: Help seo spam WebmastergoogleHelpseo

How does Google determine page speed?

How does Google determine page speed In GWT some pages are listed as very slow 8+ . But I have tested on older computers/browsers and they ... tags: Help seo speed WebmastergoogleHelpseo

What is Google's approach to customer service?

Google's approach to customer service, and why it uses algorithms instead of people. Cale McNulty, Canada Have a question Ask it in our ... tags: customer Help service support Webmastercustomergoogle

What steps can I take to diagnose a drop in ranking?

When you notice a drastic drop in your rankings and traffic from Google, what process would you take for diagnosing the issue Ryan, ... tags: drop Help ranking seo Webmasterdropgoogle

Do spelling and grammar matter when evaluating content and site quality?

Do spelling and grammar matter when evaluating content and site quality Blind Five Year Old, SF, CA Have a question Ask it in our Webmaster ... tags: grammar Help quality seo spelling Webmastergoogle

Changing your website's domain name

Keeping your domain name but moving to a new IP address Check out this video Have a question Ask it in our Webmaster Help ... tags: domain Help name seo Webmasterdomaingoogle

Does Google treat .co as a generic TLD?

There has been a lot of hype about the .co TLDs, there are many people posting that Google will accept them as the new .com, although it's ... tags: .co Help seo tld Webmaster.cogoogle