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Heineken buys a round

12/02/11 The brewing giant Heineken has become one of the UK's leading pub owners after buying more than 900 tenanted pubs from the ... tags: corporate Economy United KingdomcorporateEconomyeuronewsUnited Kingdom

Iranian diplomats expelled from London

12/02/11 Diplomats working at the Iranian embassy in London have left the UK after British Foreign Secretary William Hague gave ... tags: Diplomacy United KingdomDiplomacyeuronewsUnited Kingdom

euronews hi-tech - Robots on show

12/01/11 An exhibition featuring 20 of Europe's most innovative robots has just opened at London's Science Museum. Stars of the ... tags: hitech Robotics United KingdomeuronewshitechRoboticsUnited Kingdom

UK sets code-breaking test in search for new spies

12/02/11 Crack the code and become a British spy.... That is the tempting prospect open to clever computer types able to decipher a ... tags: Internet United KingdomeuronewsInternetUnited Kingdom

Racist Lady On A London, UK Tram

What is the world coming toMy Tram ExperienceMyTramExperience tags: Black England Experience My Racist Tram UK

Public workers strike over UK pension reforms

11/30/11 It is Britain's first mass strike in more than 30 years. Up to two million public sector workers have walked out in a ... tags: Strike United KingdomeuronewsStrikeUnited Kingdom