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My Occupy Wall Street Demands!

I am a member of the 99... and these are MY demands. I love the United States, but our government has been thoroughly corrupted. I support ... tags: atheist corruption Demands democrat protest reform republican

New York Janitors Join Occupy Wall Street

Janitors who may strike to defend wages and working conditions march with Occupy Wall St. tags: Brooklyn Cityworks economy janitors Manhattan media New

Policía despeja a bastonazos a los manifestantes en Bangladesh

La polica de Bangladesh trataba de dispersar a bastonazos una manifestacin de oposicin que participan en una huelga general en la capital. ... tags: antidisturbios Cops gases general huelga huelga general manifestaciones

200 brave water sprinklers to protest Assembly Bill

Despite what appeared to be attempts by the KLCC management to cause inconveniences, some 200 people converged at its park off Jalan Ampang ... tags: assembly Bersih bill DAP freedom laureate malaysiakini

Bhopal gas tragedy: Activists begin rail roko

It's been 27 years since one of the worst tragedies in human history struck the city of Bhopal. But there is still no end to the sufferings ... tags: 24X7 27 Bhopla gas NDTV on protest

OWS NY is in Fact Occupied - Open Dissent Put Down Globally

Open Dissent sic Consent in Liberty Plaza as been put down not only here but on a global basis. I follow up on a story that has lost ... tags: are change dissent gold is news NY

Feelings About 'Occupy' Protesters Mixed, Even Among Supporters

Police have shut down an 'Occupy' protest site next to Los Angeles City Hall and forced out demonstrators who had spent the past two months ... tags: demonstratiion encampement Los Angeles occupy protest voavideodemonstratiion

New Documents Expose Police Spying at G20

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES Documents released under the Access to Information Act in Canada earlier this month reveal ... tags: agent burning canada car corbettreport court documents

EU warns Iran of retaliation over British embassy attack

The European Union warns Iran that it would take 'appropriate measures' in retaliation for the storming of the British embassy in Tehran. ... tags: AFP BRITAIN DIPLOMACY EU IRAN POLITICS PROTEST