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Future of Food: Feeding 7 Billion

RT presents Technology Update. With the world population now topping 7 billion, how we'll feed our swelling numbers is of vital importance. ... tags: alexander nesmeyanov artificial food brandon rice chemistry consumerism developed world farm workforce

India offers cars to lure sterilization volunteers

Faced with a billion plus population, India is turning to any and all means to rein in birthrates. In Rajasthan state, authorities are ... tags: AFP HEALTH INDIA POPULATIONAFPHEALTHINDIA

By the Numbers: The Day of 7 Billion

On October 31, the 7 billionth person is projected to be born. What do our growing numbers mean for our future tags: 7 billion 9 billion baby birth birth rate carrying capacity China

The City as a Scalable Network

Complete video at New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Fe differ historically, geographically, and culturally, but are ... tags: chart city compass data equation fora

Caste Away: Hindu group dwindles in Kashmir

Kashmir has been bitterly fought-over for decades by India and Pakistan - and it's taking its toll on thousands of Hindus who're being ... tags: discrimination dispute ethnic cleansing homeland India interethnic violence Jammu and Kashmir

The Myth of the City in Global Slums

Complete video at People originally moved to cities 'to live longer, to live healthier,' explains Carolyn Stephens, professor at ... tags: carolyn cities city compass expectancy fora

Future Trends in Asia, America, Europe, Africa - Impact of Demographics - Futurist Keynote Speaker

11/15/11 Demographics, population growth and decline in birth rates -- in different regions, towns and cities -- impact on ... tags: Africa America Asia Australia birth Bra Canada