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Creating Jobs in the Volunteer State: What Are Businesses Doing?

Republicans have been saying that businesses aren\'t hiring because of uncertainty about regulation, the cost of health insurance and the ... tags: companies democrats employers employment financial gop health insurance

Was Charles Darwin the Father of Economics as Well?

What does the work of Charles Darwin have to do with economics As part of his reporting on Making Sene of financial news, Paul Solman talks ... tags: charles darwin common good competition economics evolution Hour liberty

Why a Lesson in Money Plus Math Equals Financial Stability

Read more Sheila Bair, known for her tenacity and contrarian tenure as chairwoman of the FDIC, has a message she wants everyone ... tags: Brock Children compounding crash crisis debt education

Job-Seeking Vets Confront Stigma of 'Falling Behind' While Deployed

More than 12 percent of the roughly 2 million Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were jobless last month, compared to 9 percent of the total ... tags: Afghanistan Employment Iraq Making Sense Paul Solman Stigma Veterans

'The Buyout of America' Author on Occupy Wall Street Protests

A year ago July, we did a story on \'private equity\' featuring journalist Josh Kosman, who\'d written a book, \'The Buyout of America.\' ... tags: author Bailout of America crash finance Josh Kosman Occupy Wall Street Paul Solman

Does US Economic Inequality Have a Good Side?

A new Congressional Budget Office analysis supports the idea that income inequality has grown considerably over the past few decades. As ... tags: budget office congress inequality innovation libertarian making sense Paul Solman

Michael Lewis' 'Boomerang': 'Money Thrown Out in Hope, Coming Back in Anger'

What caused the economic troubles in Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Germany and elsewhere Author Michael Lewis has some controversial theories ... tags: Author Boomerang Financial Crisis Making Sense Michael Lewis Moneyball Paul Solman

The Ballad of Diamond Jim - Annotated

Read more at Noted bank skeptic and MIT economist Simon Johnson, late of the IMF, explains the story behind the story of Diamond ... tags: banking business country Diamond Jim economics making sense Merle Hazard

Georgia Works Jobs Training Program: a Peach or the Pits?

One provision of President Obama's jobs bill that has some bipartisan support is modeled after a program in Georgia that allows employers ... tags: benefits bipartisan georgia making sense Paul Solman president obama unemployment

Inequality Hurts: The Unhealthy Side Effects of Economic Disparity

As part of our series on economic inequality, Paul Solman investigates the health effects that inequality can have on individuals and ... tags: costs economy epidemiology health inequality jobs making sense

Is Economic Inequality Factoring in Social Security, Health Care?

Read the Transcript Paul Solman has been examining the issue of inequality in America, including studies showing a rise in the ... tags: brandeis economist financial income inequality making sense Paul Solman