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How Will Latest Protests Affect Egypt's Elections?

On Friday the Obama administration issued a statement urging Egypt\'s ruling military council to speed up the transition to civilian rule, ... tags: cairo civilian egypt elections Gameela Ismail government Hour

How Bright Is Solar Power's Future in a Post-Solyndra America?

After the Obama administration-embraced solar-panel company Solyndra collapsed and defaulted on its government-backed loans, the surging US ... tags: conservatives green green energy green power jobs loans obama administration

Amid Criticism, US Increases Use of Drones as Weapons of War

The US use of drones to find and kill militant targets in other countries has increased exponentially under the Obama administration. ... tags: afghanistan bombing drones iraq Jeffrey Brown military obama administration

Does US Drone Use Set a New Precedent for War?

The US has dramatically increased its use of unmanned aerial vehicles to go after targets in Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and especially ... tags: afghanistan bombing drones iraq Jeffrey Brown military obama administration

Solyndra scandal 'headache' for Obama

Executives from a solar energy firm that went bankrupt after getting a half-billion-dollar government loan refused to testify at a ... tags: aljazeera Brian Harrison kimberly halkett Obama administration solar energy firm Solyndra US election

US dismisses CRS report on Modi

The US Govt has disowned a Congressional research service report which praised Narendra Modi as an able administrator.NewsX spoke ... tags: Narendra Modi newsx Obama Obama administration State Robert Blake US Assistant SecretaryNarendra Modi

UN Faces Showdown Over Vote on Palestinian Statehood

Read more Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will go to the United Nations next week and ask the world body to ... tags: israel mahmoud abbas obama administration palestine palestinian authority state un

Help Protect Clean Air by Supporting Stronger Standards

Americans trust the EPA to protect them from harmful air pollution such as smog by setting science-based health standards that protect ... tags: air pollution asthma envirodefensefund EPA human health Obama administration smog

DOJ Makes 'Audacious' Move to Block $39B AT&T, T-Mobile Merger

The Department of Justice filed suit Wednesday to block the proposed 39 billion merger between ATT and T-Mobile, which would create the ... tags: at&t block Cecilia Kang cell phones companies department of justice doj

Homeland Security to Focus on Deporting Criminals Under New Immigration Rules

Read the transcript The Obama administration on Friday unveiled new immigration rules, which will allow the Department of ... tags: american american progress Angela Maria Kelley center for criminals Dan Stein department

Debate Over Consumer Agency Continues as Obama Taps Cordray to Lead

Read the Transcript Obama tapped former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Judy ... tags: agency attorney general chamber of commerce consumer financial david hirschmann economy jeff madrick