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Why Mars Excites and Inspires Us

A NASA science briefing at the Kennedy Space Center tries to answer these questions and more, including how the Curiosity rover will help ... tags: Atlas Curiosity KSC MSL nasatelevisionAtlasCuriosity

NASA Spinoffs Benefit All of Us (Including Santa!)

Elf 6409EF from Sony Pictures new film, 'Arthur Christmas,' cites how spinoffs of NASA-developed space technologies are making our lives ... tags: Arthur Christmas nasatelevision PSAArthurChristmasNASA

Curiosity Ready to Rove Mars

The Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover is poised to liftoff on an Atlas V rocket bound for the red planet on an exploration mission ... tags: Curiosity Mars MSL nasatelevisionCuriosityMarsMSL

Curiosity to Search for Signs of Life

The Mars Science Laboratory's Mission Science Briefing is held at the Kennedy Space Center to update media on the goals of NASA's next ... tags: Briefing MSL nasatelevision ScienceBriefingMSLNASA

ScienceCasts: The Great Lakes of Europa

Scientists studying data from NASA's Galileo probe have discovered what appears to be a body of liquid water the volume of the North ... tags: Europa nasatelevision sciencecastEuropaNASAnasatelevisionsciencecast

ScienceCasts: Terrifying Auroras

A distant world is being hit by solar storms so ferocious, the entire planet is probably enveloped in auroras. Researchers speculate that ... tags: Auroras nasatelevision sciencecast TerrifyingAurorasNASAnasatelevision

Day of Thanks Celebrated in Space

What the Expedition 30 crew will be eating 220 miles above the Earth to help celebrate this year's Thanksgiving aboard the International ... tags: in nasatelevision Space ThanksgivinginNASAnasatelevision

Rocket and Rover Ready for Flight

NASA's next Mars rover, Curiosity, is poised atop the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket that will launch it on its way toward the Red ... tags: Atlas KSC MSL nasatelevisionAtlasKSCMSL

Return to Fragile Oasis

The Expedition 28 crew photographed this series of time lapse sequences aboard the International Space Station. As the Earth and sky pass ... tags: 28 Expedition Gabriel ISS nasatelevision Peter28

Thanksgiving in Space for New ISS Commander

Aboard the International Space Station, the new Commander of the complex, NASA's Dan Burbank, discuss the start of his four months on the ... tags: 11 23 30 CBS desktop Event Flight

Scientists Seek Signs of Life in the Universe

NASA scientists discuss how and what they're looking for to determine whether extraterrestrial life exists. The Mars Science Laboratory is ... tags: Laboratory Mars MSL nasatelevision ScienceLaboratoryMars