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Carl Sagan, Bill Nye, Amazing Randi = Pseudo-Science Charlatans!

Facts about Johannes Kepler calculation of Christs birth date, as discussed in Christianity Renaissance magic and science ...of true ... tags: ahgamen astrology astronomy atheist bill nye dirty wizard facts

Laura Marks. Powers of Thought - Optics, Perception, and Judgement. 2010

09/16/11 Laura Marks talking about Deleuze's power of the false, as well as the history of optics and its influence on perception, ... tags: Al-Hazan Art attendant Blue Deleuze flight Guattari

2 SUNS! NASA Announces Discovery Of Planet With 2 Suns, Yes, 2 Suns!! Our One Sun Is Rare

A planet with two suns has been discovered by Nasa - drawing comparisons with a fictional world in Star Wars. The discovery was made ... tags: 2012 aliens apollo area astronomy comet discovered

¿Ha descubierto la NASA el planeta de Luke Skywalker?

Washington, 16 sep EFE.- La NASA anunci el descubrimiento de un planeta que gira alrededor de dos estrellas, al igual que el planeta ... tags: ciencia ficcin estrellas kepler nasa planeta planeta imaginario saga

50 nuovi pianeti

In questo numero HARPS individua 50 pianeti extrasolari tra i quali una possibile superTerra. E ancora Due stelle per un pianeta - Dagli ... tags: astronautica astronomia Irinaz kepler nasa pianeti extrasolari shuttle

Kepler Finds Double-Sun System

NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered its first circumbinary planet, a planet that orbits two suns. The cold, Saturn-sized planet is ... tags: Double-Sun KeplerDouble-SunKeplerNASA

Astronauti: troppi o pochi?

In questo numero aumentare o non aumentare il numero di astronauti della NASA E ancora il pianeta ritardatario - saperne di pi sui ... tags: astronautica astronomia brillamenti Irinaz kepler nasa pianeta extrasolare

TrES-2b Darkest Known Exoplanet

Information on TrES-2b, GSC 03549-02811, and Kepler Spacecraft. TrES-2b is the darkest known exoplanet. TrES-2b obits GSC 03549-02811 ... tags: 10-cm telescope alien aliens ami Darkest Planet Draco Draco constellation

Lucianne Walkowicz: Finding planets around other stars

08/11/11 How do we find planets -- even habitable planets -- around other stars By looking for tiny dimming as a planet passes in front ... tags: astronomy Exploration habitable planets kepler Kepler mission Lucianne Walkowicz new planets

Die Signatur der Sphären - Trailer

Seit Jahrtausenden lebt in der Menschheit die Idee, da in unserem Sonnensystem eine geheimnisvolle Ordnung sei sie ... tags: astronomie harmonie kaleidoskop kepler keplerstern klang musik