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Understanding the American Higher Education Crisis

Andrew Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Kaplan Inc., discusses why he wrote and why our higher education system needs to change for ... tags: bachelor degree higher education Kaplan kaplan inc. kaplan university masters degree secondary degrees

A New Incentive System for Higher Education

Kaplan Inc. Chairman and CEO Andrew Rosen discusses a new set of incentives -- what he calls 'Learning Playbook' -- that should be driving ... tags: education crisis Kaplan kaplan University secondary education Universityeducation crisisHigher Education

Driving Change in American Higher Education

11/28/11 Andrew Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Kaplan Inc., discusses the rich history of disruptive innovation in American higher ... tags: education system higher education innovation Kaplan Universityeducation systemhigher education


'Conversation avec'..Ralisation Frdric MurarottoMontage Simon Kaplan tags: britney cinma frederic gaga gaspard kaplan lady

Lifelong Learning at Kaplan University

Hear what some influential thinkers and students over 50 are saying about lifelong learning. tags: 50+ adult learning baby boomer college degrees education kaplan

Thousands have earned one...

Why not you Take the first step to getting your Kaplan University degree today Learn more here See what our students have ... tags: campus college college degree education graduate graduation kaplan

Check out your future.

What does it look like With Kaplan University, no more 'what ifs' Learn more about the Kaplan Commitment here tags: associate degrees bachelors degrees college community graduate degrees graduation Kaplan

More than just string...

It's a symbol of your commitment. And our commitment to you. to learn more about the Kaplan Commitment version tags: college college degree graduate graduation kaplan kaplan commitment learn

Inspiring Teachers - Margaret Spellings, Former US Secretary of Education

Margaret Spellings shares her enthusiasm about education and her advice for becoming a teacher who inspires students to be lifelong ... tags: adult education bachelors degrees college distance learning education goals innovation

Kaplan University "Tassel"

More than just string...It's a symbol of your commitment. And our commitment to you. Learn more about the Kaplan Commitment ... tags: campus class college college degree commercial community education