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Inside Story: Egypt's lines of control being redrawn?

Enthusiasm undiminished as millions vote in Egypt's parliamentary polls but what kind of government will emerge Inside Story discusses with ... tags: Al aljazeera Egypt elections elections English Hisham Qasim Hisham Safei El-Din

Inside Story - The impact of economic sanctions on Syria

Arab states try to cut commercial ties with President Bashar al-Assad's government in response to violence in Syria. We discuss with guests ... tags: Al al Jazeera aljazeera Arab League Arab Spring English inside story

Inside Story: India's 'forgotten' war

Does India's top Maoist leader's death signal the beginning of the end of one of the world's longest running conflicts Inside Story, ... tags: Al al Jazeera aljazeera English india insidestory Jazeera

Inside Story - New target: Egypt's military leadership

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is now the target of the country's revolution movement. tags: Al al Jazeera aljazeera English insidestory Jazeera Military

Inside Story - Saleh visits Saudi: More of the same?

Inside Story, with guests Mohamed Qubaty, opposition activist Clive Jones, professor of Middle East studies and International Politics, ... tags: Al al Jazeera Ali Abdullah Saleh aljazeera Clive Jones English GCC

Inside Story - Egypt: Honeymoon over?

Will Egyptians be able to see the ideals of their revolution become a reality before their country slides into chaos With guests Amr ... tags: Al aljazeera Amr Abdel-Moneim Amr Shalakany English heba morayef insidestory

Inside Story - Egyptian military's quandary

Loosing popular support, or giving into revloution demands and loosing their empire With guests Mona Makram-Ebeid, Ahmed Salah, and Talaat ... tags: Ahmed Salah Al English inside story insidestory Jazeera Military

Inside Story - Spain's boom to bust

Can a new leadership in Spain rescue a country that is heading into another recession With guests Raul Ramirez Hidalgo, Adam Myers, and ... tags: Adam Myers al Jazeera aljazeera economy elections Eurozone inside story

Is US challenging Beijing's ambitions?

US president looks east to re-establish America as a Pacific nation but has his Asian tour rubbed China the wrong way Inside Story ... tags: aljazeera Asia-Pacific China insidestory Jonathan Holslag Scott Lucas Simon Shen

Inside Story - Syria's civil war?

Where is Syria heading, and what can a divided international community do about it Guests of the show Mustafa el-Labbad, Dimitry Babich, ... tags: Abdulhamit Bilici aljazeera Dimitry Babich inside story insidestory Mustafa el-Labbad syria