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LaRouchePAC NAWAPA1964 November 24, 2011

The true story of the fight for NAWAPA, spanning the 60s and early 70s, as told through the words of Utah's Senator Frank Moss. . tags: In-Depth laroucheyouthIn-DepthInfrastructurelaroucheyouth

LaRouchePAC LPAC Weekly Report November 23, 2011

In the Weekly Report for November 23rd, 2011, Lyndon LaRouche raises the issue of the survival of mankind, in the context of the threat of ... tags: In-Depth laroucheyouthFrom laroucheIn-Depthlaroucheyouth

Terrific Teens

Coming up... we celebrate terrific teens across our region. We'll meet a 14 year old talented musician and composer who is off to an ... tags: #407 39 indepth PBS Version#40739

LaRouchePAC Global Food Shortage - Interview with EIR's Marcia Merry Baker Nov, 22, 2011

Interview with Executive Intelligence Review's Agriculture Economist, Marcia Merry Baker, on the current global food crisis which threatens ... tags: In-Depth laroucheyouthEconomic CollapseIn-Depthlaroucheyouth

LaRouchePAC Auroras- Beautiful Warnings October 30, 2011

Over a planet steeped in the greatest financial collapse in modern history and perhaps even a greater geopolitical crisis, on Monday, ... tags: Cosmic Rays Forces of Nature In-DepthCosmic RaysForces of NatureIn-DepthSpace

Who The Cuts Hurt

We'll take a look at who the state and federal budget cuts hurt. We'll see how the Bethlehem Area School District is coping after budget ... tags: #403 39 indepth PBS Version#40339

A Tale of Two Retirements

Are you ready to retire A better question might be, can you afford to retire According to a national survey more than a quarter... 27 of ... tags: #402;pbs39; 39 indepth pbs Version#402#402;pbs39;

LaRouchePAC Infrastructure of Empire Private Armies October 16, 2011

President Obama, with his assassination of Awlaki and expansion of the private military has solidified his place in a long line of minions ... tags: Empire In-DepthEmpireIn-DepthObamawatch

LaRouchePAC Dr. Edward Calabrese The Fraud of LNT and Future of Radiation October 14, 2011

LPACTV interviews Dr. Edward Calabrese, an environmental toxicologist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst whose career research ... tags: Cosmic Rays Empire Green Fascism Health Policy In-Depth Nuclear Power Space

LaRouchePAC Cody Jones Tuning the Universe For Man September 29, 2011

How does Man interact with the domain of cosmic radiation and the extended electromagnetic spectrum, and how might he tune these processes ... tags: Cosmic Rays In-DepthBasementCosmic RaysIn-Depth

LaRouchePAC Basement Discussion Evolution of Cosmic Radiation Sep 28, 2011

Today's discussion focuses on evolution and viruses from the standpoint of cosmic radiation. Are viruses particles Do particles exist tags: Cosmic Rays In-DepthBasementCosmic RaysIn-Depth

LaRouchePAC Weekly Report Excerpt Russia, China, the USA Sep 27, 2011

Today we re-feature this excerpt from the September 21, 2011 Weekly Report, in which Lyndon LaRouche specifies the Great Pacific Alliance ... tags: In-DepthEmpireIn-Depth