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Why didn't Holder and Napolitano know?

Senator Chuck Grassley says questions remain unanswered as to why Attorney General Eric Holder and Department of Homeland Security ... tags: Agent and ATF Attorney Border Brian Chuck

Occupy Raids are Secret Trial Runs For Martial Law By DHS

12/02/11 Hey Thanks for checking out Survive And Thrive TV I started this channel as a way to talk with other people going through ... tags: 911 alex angeles bob camp celente chapman

Homeland - Justice

Carrie finds herself in the middle of a public relations nightmare after the mosque shooting. tags: brody Carrie Claire Danes Homeland showtime Terrorist

Caste Away: Hindu group dwindles in Kashmir

Kashmir has been bitterly fought-over for decades by India and Pakistan - and it's taking its toll on thousands of Hindus who're being ... tags: discrimination dispute ethnic cleansing homeland India interethnic violence Jammu and Kashmir

Homeland - Brainwashed

Mrs. Walker and her son are questioned by the CIA. tags: Carrie Claire Damien Danes Homeland Lewis showtime

Homeland - With the Creators: The Weekend

Executive Producers Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon discuss Brody's growing personal relationship with Carrie. tags: Alex brody Carrie Claire Damien Danes Gansa


Barron Collier High School Bel Canto Choir singing 'Homeland' at the fall 2007 concert.I vow to you, my country all earthly things ... tags: Bel Canto Collier HomelandBarronBelCanto

Homeland - Homeland Extended Trailer

Watch carefully. Listen closely. The only thing more dangerous than the lies is the truth. tags: Brody Carrie Claire Damian Danes Homeland Lewis