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CIA Outsmarted by Hezbollah

Hezbollah captured several US spies damaging CIA operations in Lebanon. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur shares the details. Sources ... tags: cia cia hezbollah cia lebanon hezbollah hezbollah cia hezbollah spies lebanon

Rick Perry Warns Hezbollah and Hamas Have Infiltrated Mexico

Texas Gov. Rick Perry knows a thing or two about America's border with Mexico. Which is why is was so odd he repeated an old conservative ... tags: 2012 GOP Hamas Hezbollah tpmtv2012GOP

Mosaic News - 11/11/11: New Friday Protests Erupt In Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan

Yemeni protestors reject granting 'immunity to killers,' Bahraini activists take action on the 'Friday of revolutionary will,' Palestinians ... tags: Arab League Assad Bashar al-Assad Crackdown Hezbollah Human Rights Israel

Evidence that Al-Qaeda Killed Hariri

Gareth Porter UN inquiry ignored confessions and other facts in-order to pin assassination on Hezbollah tags: Gareth Hariri Hezbollah inquiry Killed Porter: UN

Iran Saves Assad? 'Hezbollah to prevent Western attack on Syria'

Russia says the UN should immediately call on all sides in the Syrian conflict to stop violence and start talking. Russia's Foreign ... tags: airstrike Bashar Assad BRICS group EU Syria oil embargo Gaddafi Tripoli Hezbollah Iran

No smoking gun in Hariri killing

What are the legal and political ramifications of the evidence and the indictments implicating the Hezbollah members tags: aljazeera assassination hezbollah insidestory lebanon Nasrallah rafik hariri

Looking back on the killing of Rafiq Hariri

The 2005 assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri unleashed a new wave of sectarian tensions in the country. Six years ... tags: al aljazeera Hariri Heidler Hezbollah jazeera Lebanon

Beware Hezbollah: Fears Israel has Lebanon strike on cards

Peace activists in Tel Aviv believe a new Israeli-Lebanon war is now inevitable. They say now is the perfect time for a new conflict to ... tags: Bashar Assad border conflict Danny Yatom Dr Benedetta Berti enemy Hezbollah