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The Moment of Truth in the Stride Championship Series

Roy and Lunchbox, or Clutch and Cloud Find out which duo walked away with 4k and the title of 2011 SCS Champs. tags: cloud Clutch Gaming halo Halo Reach League lunchbox

Top 10 Halo: Reach Kills - Thanksgiving Day 2011 Edition

Happy Thanksgiving everyone Once the food's been eaten and the family squabbles have been settled, sit back and enjoy these awesome ... tags: 10 best chief halo Halo (series) Halo 3 Halo3

Gandhi and Shockwave Friday Halo Reach Preview

Scott 'Gandhi' Lussier and Chris 'Shockwave' Smith get pumped for all the action kicking off Friday at the MLG National Championships in ... tags: Gandhi halo Halo: Reach mlg mlg providence Providence youtube

A Decade of Play

Happy 10th anniversary of Halo Created back in August for the Halo Fest machinima contest. It was one of the 6 finalists and was featured ... tags: 10 campaign contest fest finalist Halo: Reach halofest

Vanguard (Halo Fan Music)

A while back, I made a bunch of music for a machinima that got cancelled. Since I'm not one to let things go to waste, here is one of those ... tags: 2011 Halo (series) Halo: Reach layne machinima music piano

Lunchbox - Elamite Warrior / StrongSide vs. Lunchbox / Roy - Round 1 - 2011 Stride Championship Seri

Lunchbox's gameplay from the first round of the 2011 STRIDE Championship Series in which Elamite Warrior and StrongSide faced Lunchbox and ... tags: 2011 2011 dalllas 2v2 Championship dallas elamite warrior first person shooter

NOS Pro Tip 8: FearItself - CTF in the Pit

NOS Pro Tip 8 FearItself - CTF in the Pit Want more MLG action Head to tags: fearitself halo halo: reach mlgfearitselfhalohalo: reach

Hoaxer Wins the Orlando BIC® Flex4® FFA

Watch the performance that earned Hoaxer the final spot in the Elite. Want more MLG action Head over to tags: 2011 bic bic ffa bic flex4 bic flex4 ffa Halo Reach hoaxer