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Confused for Paris Hilton

11/28/11 Sarah Blevins is sick and tired of people confusing her with Paris Hilton tags: Chick comedian Comedy comedy time comedytime comic funny

The Hind-lick Maneuver

11/28/11 Greg Travis learned a great way to save a choking victim. But you might want to have a tooth brush handy tags: choking Comedy comedy time comedytime Dir funny haha

You've just been kicked in the nuts.

Surprise nut kick. Didnt see it the end...whats with the crawl tags: been college funny haha have humor in

OH FLORIDA - WTF Stories of the Week

WTF WTFriday -- The Show that showcases some of the dumbest criminals though out the week. Latest Michael Warbux Quick News Update ... tags: Dumb Dumb Criminals Dumb Criminals Caught On Film Dumb Criminals Caught On Tape FAIL FUNNY haha

Kitten Surrender

Very cute video and really funny, will defintly make you laugh cat is fighting then we say put em up then the cat serenders. comment, ... tags: animal battle boss cat claws comedy cool

Tick Baby

11/28/11 Lizette Mizelle has a tick baby and it's sucking her will tags: baby chick chick comedy Comedy comedy time comedytime funny

The Process of Divorce

11/28/11 James Sibley recently went through a divorce. It comes from being a little too honest tags: Comedy comedy time comedytime Dir divorce funny haha

Healing With Hot Blonds

11/28/11 Sean Donnellan has discovered the best way to head from a divorce is with young blonds tags: comedy comedy time comedytime Dir divorce Donnellan funny