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Piers Morgan 'set the culture at the News of the World'

Former Deputy Features Editor Paul McMullan attributes the 'get a story at any costs' culture amongst journalists to Piers Morgan. Report ... tags: attribute blame control culture deputy detective editor

Paul McMullan: 'Brooks and Coulson are scum'

The former News of the World Deputy Features Editor says Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson knew phone hacking was taking place at the ... tags: arrest chris corp detective glenn hack hacker

CHRIS JEFFERIES: 'I was accused of being a sexual pervert'

Joanna Yeates' landlord tells the Leveson Inquiry he was falsely accused of being friends with a paedophile whilst under investigation for ... tags: arrest chris corp corporation daily detective glenn

PHONE HACKING: 'We thought Milly Dowler was alive'

Bob and Sally Dowler tell the Leveson Inquiry that journalists at the News of the World gave them false hope after their daughter went ... tags: amanda bob dowler ethical ethics gemma hacked

The Real Computer Bug

There's a bug in my computer. So I killed it. One of our computers at SoVi Digital got taken over by a real bug or how it is also know as a ... tags: bug hackers hacking horse pc sovidigital spyware

The YouTube-Curse of legend Remix1 saying the word YOUTUBE ~

remixed... I was working really hard lately, on a new job site carpentry. And I was thinking later on about all the problems of YouTube. ... tags: 1entertainmentgiant comment limit Ey hackers haters Myster mysterey1bestofyt

Internet Freedoms Under Attack - GRTV Behind the Headlines

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES In recent weeks the governments of Britain, Israel, the US, Japan, India and China have ... tags: china corbettreport crackdown cyberwar government hackers internet

PHONE HACKING: Murdoch denies seeing 'For Neville' email

The News International chairman says the full importance of the 'For Neville' email was not explained to him and denies being shown any ... tags: charlotte committee commons culture dowler hack hacker

PHONE HACKING: 'Parliament was misled'

James Murdoch tells a committee of MPs that he did not mislead them when giving evidence on phone hacking but believes Tom Crone and Colin ... tags: charlotte colin committee commo crone culture dowler

TOM WATSON: 'News International is like the mafia'

Labour MP Tom Watson accuses James Murdoch of acting like a mafia boss, overseeing a culture of criminality at the News of the World. ... tags: charlotte colin committee commo crone culture dowler

We are ANONYMOUS : tous pirates?

TECH 24 - We are ANONYMOUS tous pirates - Nokia hisse ses couleurs Lumia le 1er n de l'alliance avec Microsoft. Un point complet sur les ... tags: alliance ANONYMOUS are couleurs geek hackers hisse