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Friends With Benefits

Both coming out of disasterous relationships, a female headhunter and her newest client turned best friend make a 'friends with benefits' ... tags: Benefits Bryan Clarkson Crackle Elfman Gluck Greenberg

Video Travel Tips - Definition of Terms

When booking your destination, make sure you know exactly what to expect. You could ask for ocean views and only get a bit of the view. ... tags: booking Greenberg hawaii hotels oceanfront Peter peter greenberg

Video Travel Tips: Cell Phone Etiquette

When traveling to another country be sure you are aware of the cell phone etiquette in the area. Countries in Europe may be close in ... tags: adventure cell phone etiquette cell phones europe Greenberg london madrid

Video Travel Tip: Best Time to Buy Airfare Tip

If you want a cheap airline ticket, it's entirely possible. You just need to know what day of the week to buy that ticket. And not only ... tags: airfare airlines airports budget travel Greenberg Peter travel

M-TECH LeMANS iPhone Case for the 4/4s

Big thanks to Mr DoubleD50 for doing the reading on the comments. Please check out his channel at Please subscribe if you ... tags: 4s apple back case comments designs first

Video Travel Tips: Vacation Rentals

Another option to staying at a hotel - and one that won't break the bank - is what's called vacation rentals. Yes, you can actually rent ... tags: Adventure Greenberg Peter Peter GreenbergAdventureGreenbergPeter

Video Travel Tips: Rollerblading in Paris

Seeing the Eiffel Tower is best at night. But there's an even better time to experience the monumental structure in Paris. Find out when ... tags: Eiffel Tower Greenberg Peter Peter Greenberg Rollerblading Sightseeing Tourism

Video Travel Tip: Bike Sharing Programs

Bike sharing programs are popular all over Europe and North America. Each one has its own rules and regulations. Check out some of the best ... tags: Adventure Denver Greenberg Paris Peter Peter Greenberg Travel Tips

Video Travel Tip: Paris Museums

Americans automatically gravitate toward the Louvre when visiting Paris, but there are so many other museums and galleries to explore -- ... tags: culture Greenberg Louvre museums Peter tourism travel

Video Travel Tip: International Currency Exchange

Dealing with money can be a challenge when traveling, especially when exchanging one currency for another. Travel ... tags: currency exchange Greenberg money Peter Tips Videocurrency exchangeGreenberg

Travel Tip: International Food Etiquette

Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Producer Jordan Whitley tells us how to mind our manners at dinner tables around the world. tags: Etiquette Greenberg International Peter TipsEtiquetteGreenberg