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Syrian Suspense: 'Military intervention definitely on the table'

The US and its allies are more interested in regime change in Syria than a peaceful solution to the unrest - that's according to the ... tags: airstr attack Bashar al-Assad Bashar Assad blast EU Syria oil embargo explosion

Corbett: West seeks Syria conflict as foothold for Iran assault

The Arab League has announced it's reached a deal with Syria on easing the country's long-running political crisis. The agreement urges ... tags: airstrike Bashar Assad bombing civil war Damascus EU Syria oil embargo Gaddafi

'Sirte fall not endgame, Gaddafi will strike back'

Libyan fighters have taken over Gaddafi loyalists' final holdouts in the Colonel's hometown, with reports saying Sirte has now fallen. ... tags: airstrike army bombing celebration civ forces Gaddafi Tripoli

'US biggest supporter of religious intolerance'

The leaders of France and Britain travel to Tripoli on Thursday, in a show of support for the regime their warplanes helped put in power. ... tags: airstrike Bill Dod bombing civil war Dan Glazebrook Gaddafi Gaddafi Tripoli

Fear & Loath in Libya: Bitter fruit of revolution

Amnesty International has called on Libya's new authorities to prevent human rights abuses. There are allegations of violations committed ... tags: airstrike bombing Brian Johnson-Thomas civil war Gaddafi Gaddafi Tripoli Gadhafi

Freedom or Anarchy? 'Rebelution' leaves Libya in fear

Confrontation between Libyan rebels and pro-Gaddafi forces shows no sign of easing. Battles have been raging near the towns of Sirte and ... tags: airstrike bombing civil war Gaddafi Gaddafi Tripoli Gadhafi intervention

Double Deal: 'UK & MI6 made Gaddafi best pal, then pariah'

British Prime Minister David Cameron has called for an inquiry into claims that UK intelligence agents extradited terror suspects to Libya. ... tags: airstrike army bombing Cameron celebration CIA civilians

'Gaddafi sniper' Russian cooks locked up by Libya rebels

In Libya, rebels are detaining oil engineers and cooks from former Soviet countries - suspecting them of being pro-Gaddafi snipers. Two ... tags: airstrike Bani Walid Libya Bani Walid rebels bombing civil war Gadd Gaddafi bunker

Gaddafi dumped, 'Al-Qaeda & CIA nested in new Libyan govt'

The security chief of ousted Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi has fled the country and is now in neighbouring Niger, according to officials ... tags: airstrike Al-Qaeda bombing CIA torture Don Debar Gaddafi Tripoli int

Final Battle? Rebels on doorstep of last Gaddafi stronghold

In Libya, the rebels have surrounded one of the last remaining strongholds of Colonel Gaddafi's supporters - the town of Bani Walid ... tags: airstrike Bani Walid Libya Bani Walid rebels bombing civil war Gadd Gaddafi bunker

Iran Saves Assad? 'Hezbollah to prevent Western attack on Syria'

Russia says the UN should immediately call on all sides in the Syrian conflict to stop violence and start talking. Russia's Foreign ... tags: airstrike Bashar Assad BRICS group EU Syria oil embargo Gaddafi Tripoli Hezbollah Iran

'Rebels killed Gaddafi regime, will kill each other next'

It's been just two weeks since Tripoli fell to the rebel forces, but the interim government's already being criticised by its own allies. A ... tags: airstrike Bani Walid Libya Bani Walid rebels bombing civil Gaddafi bunker Gaddafi Tripoli