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Most Passes Through a Toilet Seat (One Minute) - GWR Video of the Week 12th October 2011

The most times to pass through a toilet seat in one is 9 and was achieved by Ilker Cevik Turkey on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, ... tags: frigatti guinnessworldrecords Italia italy marco marcofrigatti minute

Globe of Death, Most Motorcycles (Person in Middle) -- GWR Video of the Week 7th September 2011

The most motorcyclists inside a steel sphere is six, all riding around a central person and was achieved by Team Infernal Varanne on the ... tags: bike cycle danger dangerous death dei frigatti

Human Cannonball, Farthest Distance - GWR Video of the Week 31st August 2011

The farthest distance for a human fired from a cannon is 59.05 m 193 ft 8.8 in by David Marvin Jr USA on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in ... tags: ball cannon cannonball dei frigatti furthest guinnessworldrecords

Steepest Tightrope Gradient - GWR Video of the Week 17th August 2011

The steepest tightrope walked on had an angle of inclination of 35.5 degrees equivalent to 71 slope or grade and was achieved by Maurizio ... tags: dei frigatti gradient guinnessworldrecords Italia italy lo