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Violence as Occupy London protesters clash with police

Protesters at London's Haymarket clash with police after trying to occupy the offices of mining company Xstrata. Report by Sam ... tags: attack brutality day of action flare haymarket itnnews London

NASA SDO - Fast Moving CME

On Saturday, November 26, 2011 a solar flare hurled a coronal mass ejection CME at about 930 km/s or 2 million mph into Space. This fast ... tags: active AIA astronomy aurora CME Coronal Dynamics

NASA SDO - Planet-sized Bubbles

An intense solar flare observation by yours truly on October 22, 2011. Especially watch the dark 'blobs' falling downward into the flare ... tags: astronomy blobs corona Dynamics flare Little Observatory

Speed Painting Me, SilverSkySamurai and KawaiiPikaAndEeveon (as Flareons)

WOHOO ANOTHER REQUEST DONE OH YES, PLZ READ THIS Requested by SilverSkysamurai dA Woot I made new speed ... tags: and Cute cuteflareon Flame Flare Flareon kawaiipikaandeeveon

Tötet iBlali und LeFloid!

Hey Leute Ich und Victor / iBlali sind gut befreundet Wir sind auf YouTube Kollegen und keine Gegner Also hrt doch bitte auf uns in eine ... tags: Android animation darauf das Fantasy Final flare

The solar flare of 1859 (Carrington Event)

Violent solar activity is reason enough to prep for a break in the supply chain. If the solar activity that happened in 1859 happened ... tags: 1859 carrington event flare gold of1859

NASA SDO - X1.9 Class Solar Flare, November 3,

'Bad Boy' active region 1339 continues to flare. At 2027 UT a solar flare peaked at X1.9. X-class flares are pretty massive and are major ... tags: active astronomy Dynamics Earth flare Little Observatory

Curiosity - I, Caveman: Back to the Stone Age | Tensions Flare

Curiosity continues Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 8PM e/p with I, CAVEMAN on Discovery. Tensions begin to flare ... tags: caveman cavemen curiosity video flare tensionscavemancavemen

NASA SDO - October 1, 2011 Double Flares

On October 1, 2011 around 1017 UT two solar flares erupted within a very short period of time. One originated out of active region 1302 and ... tags: active AIA astronomy aurora Dynamics EVE field

NASA SDO - Spewing Flare Event

The Sun popped off an M-Class moderate level flare on Sept. 25, 2011 that sent a plume of plasma out above the Sun, but a good portion of ... tags: active AIA astronomy Dynamics Earth EVE flare