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Space Fan News #42: CERN FTL Experiment Confirmed; Water on Europa; Youngest Supernova Ever Recorded

12/03/11 I should have been a little more clear that Galileo is no longer in orbit around Jupiter. It was de-orbited into Jupiter in ... tags: astronomy europa faster than light life in the solar system M51 neutrinos space

Fermilab Scientists Testing Faster-Than-Light Neutrino Claims

Scientists at the CERN physics laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, claimed recently to have clocked a subatomic particle, known as a ... tags: CERN Einstein Faster Than Light Neutrino Claims particle accelerator lab physicsCERN

Space Fan News #33: CERN Battles Relativity; Tony Battles Bad Information

09/24/11 Faster than light neutrino paper Look at trackbacks to see all the linking articles to it. Best explanation is the ... tags: astronomy faster than light neutrinos space tdarnellastronomyCERN