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Secret Service Agents Open Up About Kennedy Assassination

President John F. Kennedy's trip to Dallas on November 22, 1963 was intended to boost support in Texas for his 1964 re-election campaign. ... tags: agents assassination Clint Hill Dallas Farabaugh Gerald Blaine JFK

US Retires Its Pioneering Tevatron Atom-Smasher

A 26-year search for the keys to understanding the universe has come to an end at the US Department of Energy's Fermilab in suburban ... tags: Atom-Smasher Chicago Energy Department Farabaugh Fermilab news Sivak

Illinois' Solution to Asian Carp Invasion: Eat Them

The Asian carp, a species of fish brought from China to the US several decades ago, is a growing concern in the midwest state of Illinois. ... tags: Asia Carp eating Farabaugh fish invasive species native voa

Charities Struggle to Cope With Rising US Poverty

Recent US Census Bureau figures show that more than 46 million Americans now live in poverty. That's the highest amount on record since the ... tags: charities Farabaugh food poor poverty rates voacharities

Obama Visits Midwest Amid Low Public Approval Ratings

As US unemployment remains high and financial markets remain volatile, President Barack Obama is speaking directly to the American people. ... tags: Farabaugh Iowa politics trip voaFarabaughIowa

Syrian Americans Support Pro-democracy Movement in Syria

Syrians outside of Syria are finding ways to help support the pro-democracy movement in their country. VOA's Kane Farabaugh tells us about ... tags: America Chicago Farabaugh pro-democracy voaAmericaChicago