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ode to Autumn falling leaves, cold rain

with 'the cybernetic baby' somewhere in the world, out in nature tags: enternetglobal Ey falling leaves Myster rainautumn

Better Nutrition, Eating habits to prevent Illness, Obesity etc.

We just did a video with Shylah about drinking raw healthy juices and shakes. It will help metabolism and deal with fat and obesity. here ... tags: 1shylah chocolate Ey food mspumpkinpancakes Myster myzzty

Natural Sounds, Africa, Flowers, Fruits, blossoms bloom, Beauty

11/30/11 Shylah in Nature some very beautiful flowers. I'm happy to find such things in the winter northern hemisphere tags: Ey Myster mysterey1 nature peterappleseed1shylahEy

Burn-off the Fat. Health n Nutrition by 1Shylah "Myster Ey"

talking about the problem of obesity, based on diet, what is being eaten. It's abotu choices. certain types of fatty foods, processed food ... tags: 1shylah enternetglobal Ey healthy-shake juicing kyyboa masterey1

Focus, slow down... what do we stare at? The Mirror..

remix.. Like an image of an artist or philosopher. Maybe with these visual effects it is reminiscent of Warhol What the staring face can ... tags: artist Ey eye farewell gaze intensity mind

Kardashian-boycott Kim Kardashian = rich greedy unscrupulous whore! Occupy Hollywood

'kardashian boycott' 'No More Kardashian' Petition Aims to Remove ... The Hollywood Reporter - Nov 15 0406pm THR Staff The grassroots ... tags: Britney Spears Celeb Divorce Ey funny Gossip Hilton

Earthquake City fracking haarp emf get-out gtfo

Fracking time to go Good luck This report further warns that catastrophic earthquakes in Asia and the sub-continent are, also, ... tags: earthquake Ey Myster Quake quakewatchearthquakeEy

The YouTube-Curse of legend Remix1 saying the word YOUTUBE ~

remixed... I was working really hard lately, on a new job site carpentry. And I was thinking later on about all the problems of YouTube. ... tags: 1entertainmentgiant comment limit Ey hackers haters Myster mysterey1bestofyt

MysterEy1 aka "Myster Ey" w- Robert-Milby poet Collab. Storyteller

originally titled The American Dream is in Virtual Reality Greetings. A brief welcome from your friendly neighborhood YouTube producer if ... tags: andrea pacione entertainmentgiant Ey interview Myster robert milbyandrea pacione