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Lawmakers, rights activists demand implementation of public transport ethics

Lawmakers and rights activists have stressed on the need for bringing out law and implementing the ethics issued by the Labour and ... tags: activists demand ethics from implementation Lawmakers Nepal

Jewish AND Uncircumcised - Intact Jew, member and accpeted in Jewish Community and Family

You are still Jewish if you are NOT circumcised. And there are many other Jews that will accept and embrace you into the community. More ... tags: circumcised cut damage emotion emotional ethics faith

Diane Davis. Host and Hostage. 2011

11/12/11 Diane Davis, rhetorician and post-structuralist thinker, continues with her course on the thought of Jacques Derrida. Professor ... tags: being bible Davis Derrida EGS egsvideo Emmanuel

LEVESON INQUIRY: Max Mosley describes son's death

The former FIA President tells the Leveson Inquiry his son died because he returned to hard drug use after allegations he was involved in a ... tags: answer corp corporation ethical ethics glenn hacking

PHONE HACKING: 'We thought Milly Dowler was alive'

Bob and Sally Dowler tell the Leveson Inquiry that journalists at the News of the World gave them false hope after their daughter went ... tags: amanda bob dowler ethical ethics gemma hacked

There is no such thing as absolute truth!

An article deconstruction on the question of whether or not it is reasonable to accept the concept of absolute truth. Hosted by Stefan ... tags: absolutes analysis article christianity communism ethics fascism

Celebrating Stanford Graduate School's 40-years commitment to educating socially-conscious leaders

In response to the historical events of the late 60's and the growing societal demands on business, the Stanford Graduate School of ... tags: education ethics stanfordbusinesseducationethicsgovernmentstanfordbusiness

Libertarians Are Marxists of the Right!

An article deconstruction from Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio -- tags: ethics goodness libertarian libertarianism Marxism Marxist moral

The Founding of the Public Management Program (PMP)

When offered the Stanford Business School deanship, Arjay Miller agreed on condition that the School begin a program that would educate ... tags: ethics government stanfordbusinesseducationethicsgovernmentstanfordbusiness

Integrating Public and Private Management

'Alumni and former directors of the Public Management Program PMP discuss the program's unique commitment to both public good and effective ... tags: education ethics stanfordbusinesseducationethicsgovernmentstanfordbusiness

The Virtues of Student Leadership

'In 1971, the Public Management Program PMP was created to equip students aspiring to public services careers with strong analytical and ... tags: education ethics stanfordbusinesseducationethicsgovernmentstanfordbusiness

The Advent of Social Enterprise

'A key element of the renewal of the Public Management Program PMP at the Stanford Graduate School of Business GSB in the 80's the Public ... tags: education ethics stanfordbusinesseducationethicsgovernmentstanfordbusiness