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Around the World in 1800 Days

Stan is 68 and running in every country on earth to raise one billion dollars for the orphanages of the world, join us one step at a time. tags: around billion Cottrell dollars donate filmmakerdude guinness

Men of Steal: US troops make a killing in Iraq

War is a tragedy for many but the chance to make a fast buck for an unscrupulous few. The amount of money missing in Iraq and Afghanistan ... tags: Afghanistan army Baghdad billion cash CIA democracy

Re: Is Onision a Millionare?

Response to How dare Onision make more money than us. For Shame According to SocialBlade I make over 100 bucks a day LOL ... tags: bags bank behind butler crazy deal did

Government Profits Off Airline Passengers Misery...

American Airlines was fined 900000 for lengthy tarmac delays. The government took 650000 and left passengers with practically nothing. What ... tags: 900000 Airlines dollars drinkingwithbob fine freedom next

Raychel Makes an EO video! And loses Money...

So as I was working on my latest video, I realized how interesting the process is for me. I figured that you guys might get a kick out of ... tags: are Benson Christopher close dollars Elliot episode

Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce, Makael's Church & Kelly Quits X-Factor UK?

Follow Us On Twitter Kevin- Makael Fan Twitter Friend Us On Facebook Kevin ... tags: 17 against Church Divorce dollars drama fighting

Whack-a-Dollar: The Global Currency Game

Complete video at Paul Brodsky, CEO of QB Asset Management, argues that no major currency offers a safe harbor and that our ... tags: big brodsky conference crash crisis currency debasement

Lesley Tries It Out: Sticker Nail Polish

You can shell out 25-35 dollars every week for a manicure. But today Lesely's trying to save us a few bucks by trying out sticker nail ... tags: 25-35 bucks But by can does. dollars